Thursday we had 9 roosters surrendered to the shelter.  Their owner was extremely worried about them being put into someones dinner pot, but they had to get rid of them.  They were put on Craigslist with strict instructions that they were not to be used for eating.  Judylynn saw the Craigslist post, called them up, and offered them placement at our shelter.  They were so happy to find a place where their roosters could go and they would be safe.

Kirsty was busy working with the horses.  She has been working with Sammy on her ground manners and she has been doing extremely well.

After her workout Sammy got a bath.  She was a good girl, and with the warmer days a bath certainly feels good.

Fancy needed to have a trail ride for her evaluation.  Kirsty enjoyed riding her around the shelter.

The ponds are a good place to cool off and see if the horses like water.  Fancy loved it!

With all the blackberries coming on a trail ride can have some yummy treats along the way.  You can literally ride up to a blackberry bush and start picking.

Kirsty also ponied Willow off of Fancy and they both did well doing that.

After closing time Tawnee got busy putting lots of nice bedding in the 16 trailer, getting ready for a long trip.

Shawnee and Knickers had refused to get into 2 other trailers that her mom arranged to pick them up.  This evening they would have the whole trailer to themselves and it would be nice and comfy.  We are going to miss them, it’s been amazing watching how quickly Knickers has grown.  She has lost her baby coat and is becoming a dark deep bay.

Knickers loaded up no problem into the trailer and stood there with a worried look as if saying “Is my baby coming too?”

In no time at all Knickers hopped in on her own…

…and stood waiting by her mom.  Shawnee got a look of relief and Knickers looked like “Ok, now what?”  They were off on their 400 mile overnight trailer ride!

Jason and Tawnee headed out with them in tow.  It was going to be a very long night.  They pulled over to check on them off and on.  With the heat wave it was nice to haul them at night.

Jason drove until 2:00 am, and then Tawnee took over.

Around 4:00 Tawnee could start seeing a glimpse of the sun beginning to lighten up the mountains.

It was a beautiful sunrise, but it had been a very long night.

Finally they arrived at their new home safely about 5:00 am.  The trailer door opened.  Shawnee and Knickers peered out.

They absolutely love their new home, and Shawnee got to work right away eating the nice yummy grass.

They have a gorgeous new home with lots of green grass, a big shelter, and lots of room to frolic around.  We will miss them but are so happy they found such a wonderful home.

The trip back was very long, but was more interesting since it was daytime and they could actually see the scenery.  Mount Shasta, seen in the distance, is so beautiful!  They finally arrived back around 3:00 in the afternoon on Friday, completely exhausted.

Thank you all for your support!