Sunday morning everyone was busy preparing for the Horse Behavior Revealed workshop.  Judylynn made a very cute sign to go out by the gate so everyone who hadn’t been to the shelter would easily find it.  Judylynn is such an amazing artist, she copied the little horse in the Horse Behavior Workshop flyer perfectly.

Steve was busy grading the round pen, getting it ready for the workshop.

Before long the workshop was on.  Prince Kona was the first horse to be demonstrated with.  He is herd bound and likes to be with his buddies, so he wasn’t paying much attention.  He was just staring over the gate looking longingly towards the fields at his buddies.

There were a nice group of 23 people attending the workshop, we are very happy that so many people came to our first ever educational workshop.

After awhile Prince Kona did settle down.  It was neat to see him relax and respond to Maggie’s training.

After the training was done Bucky and Nemo were adopted!  It was so exciting seeing them being led away to the trailer.  When they came to us they were wild and unhandled  ponies.  We are so thankful for Kirsty’s great work with the horses.

In the afternoon Ruth came out to help out.  She met Parcy and really fell in love with him, he is such a loveable guy and loves being scratched.

Steve was out in the field working on killing some of the weeds that have decided to grow.  Ruth made sure there were no sprinklers in front of him.

If anyone knows what kind of weeds these are, it would be great to know.  They have dark green leaves and spikes on their stems.

We are really hoping that the box scraper will be able to knock them out by the roots for good.

It was weaning time for the momma’s and babies.  Tawnee and Ruth moved them up next to the mare motel, where they were all going to be separated.  They would still be close enough to enjoy each others company.

The momma’s were finally separated from the babies, and then it was time to get the babies moved into their own stall.  Weaning time is never fun but we try to make it as stress free as possible.

Kirsty was busy working with the horses after the Workshop.  Jill is doing absolutely wonderful.

Bella is doing quite well with Kirsty’s training too.  She is so calm about everything and is learning quickly.

She stands nicely for Kirsty to mount her without walking off.

Kirsty worked with trotting in the round pen and it is so great to see such progress being made with these horses.  Just a few weeks ago Bella was only halter trained and had very bad ground manners.

Thank you all for your support!