The auction is coming right up and we need your help to save lives.  With your financial donation we will have the means to send the killer buyers home with empty trailers, saving every horse that falls into the slaughter price from that most terrible of fates.  With the slaughter plant opening in New Mexico soon, it is more imperative than ever that we save the horses lives.
Thanks to your donations, last month we were able to save 8 precious lives.   5 have been adopted or are in adoption pending, 1 is still in rehab and 2 are being trained.  This month we want to save even more!  Please donate what you can to help, click here.

This didn’t make it in the last blog as it was on someone elses camera, but here is the adoption photo of Bucky and Nemo being adopted by their new mom.  Kirsty helped hold Nemo for the photo.  We are so happy that they are adopted together.

As most of you know, Poppin loves hanging out in the office, begging for goodies and trying to help out where he can.

Well, he decided to give computers a try.  Maybe he could reply to emails or something? In no time at all the computer screen had a thousand windows open and Poppin was banned from using the computer any more.

The other roosters in the barn yard could care less about Poppin trying to further his education.  They think he is off his rocker.

Jill is doing very well with her training and has adjusted to having a saddle on her.

She is such a beautiful horse and we know that she is going to make an awesome horse for a lucky person.

It was getting to be a very hot day, so Kirsty and Lydia decided to saddle up some of the horses and take them down to the pond for a refreshing ride.

In no time at all Willow was splashing in the water.

Willow really loves playing in the water, it just feels so good on such a hot day!

Annie, who Lydia has been training, is back at the shelter and she was very curious about the water.

She walked in without much hesitation and began checking it out.  Willow had already muddied it up, but she didn’t mind at all.

Annie got the idea of pawing the water from watching Willow have so much fun.  It is so wonderful having such a great place for the horses to go for rides on a hot summer afternoon, right on the shelters property.

Please remember our auction rescue.  Jill was rescued at last month auction rescue, please help us rescue more just like her!  Click here.