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Tuesday was a very busy day. The vet was out to do dental work, despite the extremely hot weather.  This is Freckles getting her teethe done.

While doing the teethe we discovered that she has a tattoo.  We believe that she may be an off the track Appaloosa.  We are researching to find out, does anyone have any Appaloosa racing contacts in California?

Soon Freckle’s teethe were done.  She was still off in la-la land, but recovering nicely.

We were really worried about Goldy as we have been unable to manage her pain since she came to us from the last auction rescue.  The vet re-examined her, and he believes that she has been living in chronic pain for quite some time, and that the most humane and kind thing to do would be to relieve her suffering and give her the Last Act of Kindness.

Then it was back to more teethe.  Fancy was next on the list.  Despite having some sleepy drugs, she still wasn’t very keen on the whole thing.  With the skill of the vet in no time at all her teethe were all done.

Grace came to us over a year ago.  We were unable to find her a trainer for the Extreme Rescue Makeover, so she was still at our shelter.  Kirsty had a plan for her, and soon Grace found herself in the round pen.

When Grace came to us from a hoarding case you could see her hip bones and ribs.

She is fat and happy now, and soon Kirsty was working on gaining her trust.

Grace was very unsure about this new situation but was being a good girl.

We are constantly amazed how quickly and humanely Kirsty can train a horse.  Within a hour or so Kirsty had the halter on Grace and was able to pet her.

It seemed like in no time at all Kirsty was leading Grace out of the arena and to her stall. Great work Kirsty!

Next it was time to teach the babies some things.

First of all Kirsty got a rope on Miu Miu.  It was a little scary, but Kirsty was very calm and the babies could see it wasn’t going to hurt them.

Then Steve got a rope on Marcus.

Soon enough they had halters on them and they were learning to give to pressure.

After they were leading and giving to pressure nicely, it was decided that they might like playing in some water.  Miu Miu was quite enthralled with the water and liked playing with it.

She is such a cute little girl and did so well in her training.  She is looking for a forever home, maybe yours?

Marcus wasn’t so enthralled with the water, but he was a good boy and stood for his bath.

After bathing time it was time for more human socialization.  Lydia started working with Marcus while Kirsty continued working with Miu Miu.  Both of the babies were doing so good!

Kirsty thinks that Miu Miu should be called Moose Miu.  She really thinks with those long ears and face she looks like a moose.

It’s amazing seeing the babies being led back to the barn.  Great job everyone!

In their stall they were given lots of petting and loving, along with lots of praise for being such good babies.

Steve has been working on pulling out the nasty sticker filled weeds, and decided that the tractor would be the easiest way to do it.  It needed a little maintenance before the big job.   Poppin decided that since he was banned from the computer maybe he could become  a mechanic.

He decided that mechanic work wasn’t for him and soon he was perched up on Steve’s hat supervising the whole thing.

Wednesday Steve was working hard on getting the weeds out.  The tractor is definitely making quick work of the nasty things.

They are getting pulled out by their roots.  Hopefully we can kill each and every one of them and never see them again.

    Kirsty had a big project of training Prada to lead.  She is Miu Miu’s mother.  She is very much on the wild side.  After she got used to the rope, she was able to get the halter on and she did very well.  She was able to be led back to her stall after the training session too.

Bella is doing extremely well on her riding lessons and will be going on her first trail ride soon.

After her training session she enjoyed a nice bath.  It’s always so nice to give horses a bath after a workout, especially with this heat wave.

The babies didn’t have a big lesson, just socializing along with pets and scratches.  They had a lot of training to process.

Prada also had a lot to process but she is a very good girl. Kirsty spent a lot of time petting her, showing her that human contact is very good, even though they might smell funny after working in the heat all day.

Thank you all for support, and please help us with the auction rescue.  Click here.