We would like to thank every single person who donated towards this months auction rescue fund.  Thanks to your support we were able to rescue 14 horses and 1 precious donkey.  That is 15 lives that were saved from entering the slaughter pipeline thanks to you!  Our rescue teams rescued from two different auctions over the weekend.  It took a little bit of coordinating and transporting, but all the animals are safe at the shelter now.

We would like you to meet the rescues from this months auction rescue.

This is Binji, a mammoth / cross jack donkey.  He doesn’t know it, but he is going to be gelded soon.

This is Socks, a gelding.

This is Skippers Rag Doll, a registered AQHA mare.  She was born in 2005.

This is Snowman, a white gelding.

This is Indi, she is an 11 year old mare.

This is Double Trouble, a young draft cross stud colt.

This is Blaze.

This is Dot, for the patch of brown in the middle of her blaze.

This is Sparks, a 2 year old mare.

This is Finally Back in my Jeans, a registered APHA 7 year old mare.

This is a 10 year old QH gelding.  His name is Buddy.

This is an older brood mare, possibly pregnant or just has the pregnant belly from having so many babies.  Her name is Rosey.

This is a 15 year old ranch gelding named Spunk.

This is a Arab mare named Lilly.

This is an older mare named Ginger.

Since we are very busy right now, and due to everyones schedules, the next scheduled blog is in 1 week.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the very latest information. Thank you all again for making this auction rescue possible!