As we announced in the last blog, Steve is engaged to Tara.  We don’t believe they could be a better match, Tara is a great horse trainer and has been a farrier for many years.  Like they say, the family that works together stays together.

Tuesday morning Socks and Snowman were waiting patiently to be loaded into the trailer.  They were heading to their wonderful new home.

Socks followed Lydia into the trailer, wide eyed with curiosity.

After the trip they were safely unloaded at their new home.  They began exploring their new pen immediately.  These gorgeous boys were rescued from the auction thanks to your support and are now in a wonderful new home.

After getting back to the shelter Tawnee was given the list of surrenders and transports that were scheduled.  It was a long list, she was going to be transporting 5 horses to the shelter.

So, Tawnee hit the road once again.  Martina and Lydia also went along to help out.  Many of the horses were Animal Control cases.  The horses had not been seized, but Animal Control was involved making sure the owners did the right thing and the horses had to be removed.

The first pickup was an extremely sad looking Arab mare.

She had been shot in the face by a neighbor.  Poor horse!  It is so sad to see what cruelty people will inflict on animals.

Being in America has been eye opening for Martina.  In her home country of Austria each and every domestic animal is well cared for, and highly prized.  She is utterly shocked at how so many American’s treat their animals.

Baby Girl loaded right up into the trailer and Martina made sure she was comfortable for the trip.

The next pickup was not an Animal Control case, Chief was extremely well loved by his owner who had him for the last 16 years.  Chief is 28 years old, and his owner knew it was time to say “Goodbye.”  It was nice to see an elderly off-the-track Thoroughbred be so loved and cared for.

The next horse was a 35 year old gelding who’s health was rapidly declining.  Tawnee and the crew picked up all the horses and headed back towards the shelter.

Meanwhile at the shelter another Animal Control case was being surrendered by its owner.  Little Girl was in so much pain she could barely walk.  She had multiple injuries over her body.  The pictures below of Little Girl’s injuries are a bit graphic.

Her hooves were in really bad condition, but that is the least of her problems.

She had gotten caught in a barbed wire fence and the front of her chest was ripped open.

Her hind legs were also ripped open and festering from the barbed wire.

Little Girl was given pain medication to make her more comfortable, then Tara started spraying her wounds to try and get them cleaned up.

At the end of her bath you could tell she was enjoying herself.  She has a tattoo and is a very elderly off the track Thoroughbred.

After tender loving care the dead rotting skin was cleaned up.  It’s so sad that she got caught up in barbed wire, but we are glad she made it to our shelter for the care she so desperately needed.

It was a very sad day with so many sad horses being surrendered.  It was nice to see Kirsty working with Skippers Rag Doll.  She is such a beautiful horse.

Kirsty has been doing a lot of ground work, and hopes to have her on trail rides soon.

By the end of the day all the horses that Tawnee, Martina and Lydia rescued were all settled into their stalls enjoying nice yummy food.  Little Girl was happy with her supper.

Thank you all so much for your support!