It’s time to save lives!   Last month, thanks to your generous donations, we were able to save 15 horses from the cruelties of the slaughter pipeline.  This month we would like to save a lot of horses again, and we need your help.  Our goal is to raise $6,000 this month for the rescue, care and training of slaughter bound horses at livestock auctions.  Please donate to help us rescue horses from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline, click here.

Thursday it was time to get the squeeze off of the trailer and set up.

Once the squeeze was off the trailer everyone was excited to get a closer look at it.

Kirsty and Martina got in it, and they went for a ride as they were tilted over to demonstrate how wild horses hooves will be easily accessible for trimming.

Then it was time to put it in the right place inside the vet room.

Once the squeeze was in place another chute was placed next to it so untrained horses can be moved into the squeeze chute easier.

After it was all set up we tested it out with a donkey, who needed her hooves trimmed and who didn’t like to lift them up, and it worked beautifully.

Petunia the Pig didn’t care much about the squeeze.  She was more interested in showing off the mud she wallowed in.

It’s amazing the difference she has made compared to when she first came to us.  She was so obese she had a fat roll that came over the front of her face, covering up her eyes, making her have chronic eye infections and other problems.  She has trimmed down and has become a much healthier, happier pig.  Judylynn has been teaching her some tricks, and Petunia is a quick learner.  Petunia wants you to watch her sit on command and lay on her side for a nice scratching.  To watch the video, click here.

Kirsty has been very busy working with the horses.  She really works at getting them desensitized so that when they are adopted, they are safe horses in any environment.

After Kirsty had thoroughly desensitized Skippers Rag Doll, she got on her for the first time.  Doll did great and was very relaxed through the whole thing.

Jill’s training is coming along nicely too, and she is getting very relaxed under saddle.

Kirsty introduced a few new things to hang around the saddle, Jill was a little worried but Kirsty told her that everything was going to be fine.

Jill did great with her lesson and even learned that the tarp could be flowing behind her but everything was still safe and OK.

Prada is doing ok with her training.  She is halter broke now, but still very fearful of people.  Every training session is as if you are starting at Ground Zero again.

Sparks (rescued at the last auction) is doing good with her training and desensitizing.  She is still a little leery about it, but is doing well.

We had to say “Goodbye” to some horses that came into the Euthanasia Clinic along with Little Girl.  She was experiencing a lot of pain, and he tattoo showed that she was 41 years old.  She lived a good long life, and we know that it was time to relieve her suffering forever.  We wish people would make the decision before their horse is living in chronic pain.  Being able to stand next to them, giving them love and attention, while they eat nice yummy grain while being sedated and given the Last Act of Kindness is the best we can give them.

Rambo was going to Home at Last Sanctuary.  We are very excited for him as he really doesn’t like being around people, and just wants to hang out with other horses.  Home at Last is the perfect environment for Rambo to live out his life in a nice herd setting.

Rambo loaded up in the trailer and waited to see what his future would hold.  We always wish we could tell them but sadly we can’t.

Jenny has been at our shelter for awhile, and Home at Last asked if we had any donkeys that needed a forever home.

We decided that Jenny would probably be happier at Home at Last as there are lots of long ears over there that she can become friends with.

After the drive to Home at Last, Jenny hopped out of the trailer.  She looked around with wonder.

The long ears at Home at Last were very interested in the new arrival, what a cute little donkey she is!

Rambo was next to get out of the trailer and was happy to see a pen with new friends waiting in it.

They settled right in.   While Jenny walked around being sociable, Rambo ignored everyone else and just got down to eating.  We are so thankful to Home at Last for providing lifetime sanctuary to so many of our rescued horses and donkeys.

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