The auction fundraiser is currently at $1,385 out of our goal of $6,000 for the rescue, care and training of slaughter bound horses at livestock auctions.   The auction is this weekend and we need your help to save lives.  Even $10 will help us rescue a horse that is facing a terrible, uncertain future.  Be that horse’s hero, donate right now: click here.

Rescuing horses from auctions is so rewarding.  So many of the horses have been through so much.  We wish they could tell their stories, but only scars are left to give us a glimpse into what they have been through.  Buddy, rescued in our last auction rescue, has been through a lot, and you can tell how he responds so quickly to love and kindness, it really shows in his eyes.

Buddy has a hole in his forehead, it is hard to say what could have hit him hard enough to break his skull.  It definitely had to be traumatic.

Half of Buddie’s teeth, on the top, have been busted out.  What could have happened to this poor boy?  Where would he be if we hadn’t of rescued him?  So many horses just like Buddy have been abused and then get thrown away at auctions, only to disappear into the slaughter pipeline.

Sunday we had some visitors come out to visit the animals at the shelter and see the work we do.

They enjoyed meeting the horses and learning their stories.

Their group had gotten together and raised $200 for the shelter by selling Papa Murphy’s pizza coupons.  We would like to thank their hard work, dedication, and thoughtfulness.  After thinking about it, they decided that they wanted their donation to help us rescue horses at the auction.  You got it!

Monday some very lucky horses were getting ready to load up in the trailer.

Cooper and Colt were happy to be staying together.

Freckles also loaded up into the trailer.

Next Sandy and Sienna got out of their pens so they could load up.  They were bright eyed wondering what the day would hold.

Finally everyone was loaded up and the paperwork was in order.  The truck, trailer and horses were ready to hit the road.  It was going to be a long busy day for Jason.

Sandy and Sienna, who were the last ones loaded, were the first ones to arrive at their home.  Sienna looked out with amazement.  She decided she didn’t want to get out, but after some gently coaxing she gently hopped out.

They enjoyed visiting their new pen together, they were transferred from our shelter to Trinity Horse Refuge.

After a long drive, Freckles was unloaded at her new home.  Congratulations Freckles, we are so happy for you!  We know you will get all the loving care you need at your new home.

Next Cooper and Colt stood for their adoption photo.  They are two very gorgeous horses.  We are so happy that they got to stay together.

With the 5 horses adopted to their new home, it was time to pick up the surrendered horses.  These are two adorable little ponies.  They are about 16 years old.  They are both trained to ride and are looking for a home.  They were surrendered with another horse, not shown.  The ponies are so cute!

Next was Countess, a return adoptee.  She was adopted about 4 years ago, and unfortunately her young owner had grown up and is working full time.  She just doesn’t have the time to visit her at the boarding stable, and felt it would be better for her to find a loving home where she can be loved on every day.

We rescued Countess from an auction in 2009.  She is a registered TB.  Her registered name is High Vote Count.

Meanwhile back at the shelter babies were getting some more lessons.

They were also getting new website photos taken.  The baby’s adoption fees are waived.  This is Miu Miu, she is so cute and getting to be such a big girl.

This is Marcus and he is going to be quite the stunning boy.  His adoption fee is also waived.  Don’t breed, adopt a baby!  We are really happy that they are coming along nicely and hope that we can find them loving homes, maybe yours?  If you know of anyone who has the ability to take on a baby, please send them our way.

Jason got back long after dark with his precious load of 5 surrendered horses.  It’s amazing that 5 horses were adopted and 5 horses were surrendered.

Steve and Martina had everything ready and waiting for the new arrivals.  We can’t thank them enough for having everything ready and staying up late, waiting for the new arrivals.

One by one the horses were unloaded and placed into their waiting stalls.

They were all very happy to see that their supper was waiting for them.  It was nearly midnight by the time everyone was settled in and ready for the first night at the shelter.

Please remember our auction rescue fund, can’t you help save a horse just like this precious boy?  Click here.