Auction Rescue – August 2013

Thanks to your support and donations our rescue teams were at the auctions over the weekend.  A total of 17 precious lives were pulled from the auctions.  Saturday night was going to be a long night as the auction got underway.

At the Saturday auction we were able to rescue 10 horses: 1 stallion, 2 geldings, and 7 mares.  One of our rescuers transported the stallion and 2 geldings to the shelter Saturday night, arriving around 2:30 in the morning.  It was definitely a very long night but it was nice to get everyone settled in and comfortable.

Sunday morning the two geldings who were brought in were relaxed and checking out the new scenery.  The rescue team was getting ready to head out once again.

This time the big truck and trailer were heading out to pick up the remaining 7 horses.  Another truck and trailer, along with a 2nd group of rescuers, were heading to another auction.

They caravaned together until the turnoff for the Saturday night auction.  The 2nd group of rescuers headed on to the Sunday auction.

The 7 remaining horses were identified and all loaded up easily into the great big trailer.

They looked wide eyed with curiosity, wondering what this new adventure would hold.

After the drive the 7 horses arrived safely at the shelter.  Volunteers were waiting to put the new arrivals into the quarantine area.

Soon all the horses were in the pen and were looking around for some food.  This horse obviously hasn’t had enough food in a long time.  They were fed in short order and enjoyed their lunch very much.

They were all so cute and it was nice to see them calm and relaxed after a stressful auction.

The 2nd rescue team got 5 horses and 2 ponies from the Sunday auction.  They arrived back at the shelter after 10:00 pm.  It was definitely a very long weekend for our auction rescue teams.

Martina was able to go with the 2nd rescue team and she was so excited to be on the front lines of saving lives.

One by one the horses were lead to the waiting quarantine areas.  First the ponies were unloaded, they were a little unsure of everything.

Next the full sized horses were unloaded.

Finally everyone was tucked in for the night and it was time to get some sleep.

We would like you to meet all 17 horses that were saved thanks to your donations.

This is Meep, a Paint stallion, soon to be gelding.

This is Cinnamon, an older Arabian mare.

Swifty is a very cute mare.

This is Lady aka Ladys Got Speed, a registered APHA mare.

Opal is a sweet sorrel mare.

This is Sparky, a very cute and friendly pony who is blind in one eye.

Clover is a yearling filly.

This is Tess, a beautiful mare.

This is Dax, he is a very gorgeous and friendly gelding.

Trek is a gelding.

This is Mickey (baby) and Kina (mom.)  They are so cute!

This is Ozzy, a pretty mare.

This pretty mare is named Red.

Peach is also a mare with very unique markings.

This pretty girl is named Mooka.

Ash is a very cute mare who is friendly.

We would like to thank everyone again who made such generous donations, it made these auction rescues possible!