Wednesday morning we introduced Daisy to Petuna.  Petuna explained to Daisy that this is like the Biggest Loser camp for pot belly pigs.  The doctor has given strict instructions to the staff that the pigs need exercise, and the best way to get exercise is to dig for roots and find their food.  The staff at the Biggest Loser piggy resort hides their food under the dirt, spread it out, and generally make it inconvenient to eat a large amount of food quickly.  There are some staff though, if you look at them just right and oink the cutest you can, they will give you some snacks straight into your mouth.

Daisy got to work on her exercise program and started rooting around in the mud.  She is so obese that she too, like Petuna when she first came, has fat rolls over her eyes making it hard for her to see and causing chronic eye problems.  We feel confident that following our vets program will help Daisy get fit and trim, and be able to see well again.

Today was going to be a busy day.  It was time to vaccinate and worm the new auction horses.

  The horses were scanned for microchips in them.   

Then they were vaccinated and dewormed.  It was a big job and took awhile to get through all 17, but finally they were all done.

Valient the rooster was adopted!  He has the largest comb on the property.  He is quite the gorgeous boy and we are so glad he got a good home.  Earlier in the week his new home adopted Spark the hen and were really hoping to adopt him too, but he went into hiding that day.  They came back and there he was, so he will be joining Spark in her adoptive home.

The two nanny goats and Ramsy were adopted into a great home today too!  We are so happy for them.

Binji the donkey was very happy.  He was rescued at the July auction rescue.  He had to be in quarantine for awhile, then he was gelded, and after waiting awhile for him to recover completely, today he was introduced into the herd of donkeys.

It didn’t take long for the other donkeys to realize there was a new long-ear in the pasture.  Jack came trotting up with delight: a new friend!

Binji was a little taken back by how bold Jack was, but then quickly realized that Jack only wanted to be friends.

Dusty and Shadow were more skeptical of the new donkey in their pen, but wanted to make friends too.  They were just a little shy.

They all got their courage up and met Binji one by one.

After making their acquaintances Binji headed off to explore his new pen.  The other donkeys were a little mystified that he didn’t want to spend all his time with them.  Don’t worry guys, he’ll be part of the gang in no time, he just wants to do some exploring on his own.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.