Thursday was going to be evaluation day.  Steve has moved in with his fiance out of town, and Kirsty is on her vacation.   Tawnee and another volunteer got to work doing the evaluations.

Swifty is such a cute mare, about 7 years old.  She is a little unsure of people, but wants to be loved.

She saddled up nicely, she didn’t want to take the bit though.  She definitely needs some more training before she is ready for a rider.

Dax was ready and waiting for his evaluation.  He is absolutely such a gorgeous boy.

He is only about 5 years old, but does have some lameness on his hind end and that is why he was dumped at auction.

He most likely has an old injury on his hind leg, we will have the vet evaluate him for his  long term quality of life.

He is trained to ride, but doesn’t know a whole lot.  He needs some finishing training, but we’re not sure his leg could hold up to that.  We are waiting for our vet’s diagnosis before further evaluation.  It’s so sad when lame horses are dumped at auctions.  Often they are given pain medication to mask the lameness.  If they are bought by an individual, they are often returned the next auction, drugged up once again.  If they are bought by a horse trader, they are drugged and sold to an unsuspecting home.

Ladys Got Speed is a 12 year old registered Paint mare.  She is trained to ride.  She needs someone she can spend a lot of time with, and gain confidence with.  She acts like she has been abused in the past, but she is very willing to please and is very obedient.

Opal is about 3 years old, and is a very calm, mellow horse.

We’re not sure how much training she has had, she saddled and bridled nicely, and wasn’t scared of anything.  She rides nicely around the round pen, but is still very green.

Meep, the stallion, was also evaluated.  He is such an incredibly gorgeous boy.  He has a beautiful extended trot which makes him very elegant.

He did nicely under saddle, probably hasn’t had a lot of extensive training but is a very calm, mellow boy for a mature stallion.  He will be gelded next week and will be available to the right home.

Daisy the pig was exhausted by her own little piggy workout, rooting around looking for the food hidden by shelter staff.   What a hard day!

Petuna is definitely enjoying having a new buddy that actually speaks her language.

Thank you all for your support!