Since the last blog not to many visitors have come to shelter, most likely everyone is busy gearing up for school to start.  We did have a few visitors come out and meet the horses.

The horses always enjoy visitors and especially when they bring a bag of carrots!

Prince Kona had a potential adopter come out and look at him.  He saddled up very nicely, he was on his very best behavior, hoping the adopter would want to take him home.

His hard work paid off as they fell in love with him.  He really likes them too, and was very happy to learn that when they went back up front to the office they put him into adoption pending.  Transportation arrangements are being made, but he should be in his new home soon.

Jason has been working hard on keeping the irrigation watering the pasture.  It is so nice to see and hear the sprinklers spraying the water onto the rapidly growing grass.

Thank you all for your support.  If you know of anyone that is looking for a horse, our website is fully up to date!  To see all of our adoptable horses, click here.