Being an open door shelter we never know when a horses will come through our doors.  Sadly many of the animals that are surrendered have to be given the Last Act of Kindness as they have are unadoptable due to chronic pain or serious health problems.

This is one of those horses that we may have to say goodbye to, the vet will be checking her out and giving her a quality of life exam. We are hoping for the best for her.  It is always sad, but knowing they knew love, kindness and that their pain is gone forever in the end is all we can take to heart.

In our pig pen Petunia was showing off that her belly is no longer dragging on the ground, she is very happy about her weight loss progress.  She also enjoys having a new friend to spend her days with, even if Daisy is a little lazy.

Daisy on the other hand thinks that it is just a huge workout to just stand in the mud. She is getting into the routine of having to walk around and look for her food.  Petuna assures her that with hard work, diet and exercise, she is going to be thin too.

Out in the barn Jason was hard at work cleaning stalls.  Shovel after shovel went into the Gator, and then was dumped on the composting heap. 

Then the rescue rig was hooked up.  A family had a horse they were no longer able to keep due to finances.

Meet Bay, an older gelding.


 Bay is more than friendly, as long as you are on the other side of the fence.  He really wasn’t interested in being caught, but after some coaxing he finally warmed up to the idea.

Bay seems to have some health issues as he recently started dropping weight despite his loving family’s best efforts.  We will have our vet examine him to figure out what is going on.

Thank you all for your support!