We have greatly enjoyed having Martina as part of our team over the last month.  She will be leaving us and going back to Austria this weekend.  It was a real treat having her visit, and we can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work.  We are really going to miss her, and hope that she will come visit us in America again.

Wednesday was a vet day.  The vet got right to work doing quality of life examinations.  Corinna has multiple tumors, and due to her age and otherwise health conditions, the vet recommended that we give her the Last Act of Kindness to relieve her suffering forever.

The auction horses were also evaluated by the vet.  Trek has an injury on one of his front pasterns, and he is very lame on his front.  He is about 11 years old, it is so sad when people drug up and dump lame horses at auctions.

Dax also has lameness on his hind end and the vet believes he may have fractured his hind leg.  He is only safe walking, if he trots his hind leg could impact his other leg and he could fall and seriously injure himself.  He is only about 7 years old, and the vet says the sad news is that the arthritis that is already developing will only get worse with time.  Yet again another lame horse dumped at auction.  If only people would make the right decision for their horses instead of dumping them into the slaughter pipeline.  The guy who took Dax to the auction actually stated to our rescuer that if Dax didn’t sell he would take him directly to the meat man.

Meep the stallion was on the schedule to become gelded.  Before being gelded he got a good examination.  He has a bone splint, but doesn’t have any lameness from it, and with a few months of rest he should be totally fine.

In no time at all the gelding operation was done and he was waking up.  Poor guy, he doesn’t know it yet, but he has a bright future ahead of him as a beautiful gelding.

Spark the pony was also given an examination.  She is blind in one eye, but the vet says it doesn’t seem to be causing her any pain and she is just fine.

After all the outside work was done the vet did a fecal on one of the horses.  It’s great having medical equipment on site, we really wish we had more.

After the vet was gone Tawnee and some volunteers got to work cleaning up Shadow’s trailer.  Trinity Horse Refuge does not have a trailer, and desperately need one.  They also have a mini that really wants a friend his own size.  We have decided to transfer Shadow, the mini, and his trailer to Trinity Horse Refuge.  We know it will help them out and they will use the trailer a lot more than we have.  The trailer had a lot of wasp nests in it.  The trailer had to dewasped and sprayed down.  It’s nice and clean and ready for its new life now.

Next horse evaluations were underway.  Ash was a good girl and saddled up nicely.

She rides nice and she neck reins nicely too.  We assumed that she was trained to ride as she had shoes on when she was taken to the auction.

After riding in the roundpen she was ridden up front for nice pictures that will hopefully help her find a home.

She is a really sweet, pretty girl and she is just waiting to have someone fall in love with her and adopt her.

Ash is about 18 years old Appy mare and would make a great horse for someone.

Back in the round pen we had a little volunteer who wanted to ride Ash.  Ash did great and would be suitable for a home with kids!

Peach was the next horse to be evaluated.  She is such a gorgeous girl.

Peach also rides nice, she is bonded with her friends and would prefer to go riding with friends.  She was a good girl and stood for her photos though.

Appy lovers, Peach is a great Appy that is about 12 years old.  She would love to call your home her home.

The little volunteer also rode Peach and she did great.  Peach is also suitable for a home with kids.

Next Mooka was brought into the round pen to be evaluated.  She was only about 3 years old, and not trained to ride yet.  She is very curious about everything.

She didn’t mind the saddle pad being put on at all, and was very curious about the saddle.  When Kirsty gets back from her vacation no doubt she will have this beautiful girl under saddle in no time.

She is absolutely stunning and so beautiful.  If you are interested in adopting her, please contact us.  With her beautiful looks she won’t last long at all!  It’s really sad that someone would take such a beautiful, sweet young horse and dump her at the auction.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.  It’s greatly appreciated!