Skipper’s Rag Doll is doing great under saddle.  Kirsty is doing such a great job training her.  She is available for adoption, if you are interested in adopting her she is a great horse.

A trailer pulled up to the shelter with some surrenders.  Inside the trailer was 4 adorable miniature horses.

Inside the trailer it was customized especially for hauling mini horses safely.  They each had their own little divider.  What a great way to transport minis safely.

Soon they were ready to unload and one by one they hopped out of the trailer.

This is Paddy, a 9 year old, well mannered stallion (soon to be gelding,) friendly and talkative. He is approximately 30 inches tall, halter broke very well and leads great.  He is so cute!

Roanie is a 7 year old stallion, he is a little shy but tries to be friendly. He is approximately 31 inches tall, halter broke but hard to catch unless you have treats! He leads well.  He will also soon be a gelding.

Roanie looked so tiny in his stall.  He is very curious about his new surroundings.

Paddy had such a cute expression on his face with his fluffy mane around his face he almost looks like a lion.

The other two had gotten to be outside as they are a gelding and a mare.  The stallions had to be in a stall so they wouldn’t get into any mischief.  Prince, the black gelding, is 7 years old and was taught to rear for treats.  He is very sweet and loves attention.  We are told he has been lead with a rider and he is approximately 30 inches tall.

 Roxi, the sorrel mare, is 7-9 years old.  She is friendly but gets frightened occasionally.  She is about 35 inches tall and is halter broke and leads well.

Meanwhile in the round pen Kirsty was busy working with the youngsters.

She definitely has her work cut out for her, but she is such a good trainer we are hoping that we will get them halter trained before they are adopted.

Thank you all for your support!