Last week found Jason hard at work modifying the horse squeeze chute.  It had a metal floor for the horses to stand on, but it was a little slippery.  Jason was cutting holes into the floor to attach nice mats to.

Soon the mats were laid down and bolted in.  That way the horses would be safe and secure on their footing.

It was going to be a very busy day as all the horses that we rescued at the Nevada slaughter auction were going to be wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and ID collars put on.  Taylor is the newest part time member of the team, taking the place of Steve.  The shelter has been needing another worker since Steve moved away to be with his fiance, and Taylor has stepped right up and is being a huge help.  Tawnee explained what the procedures were, and how everything was to take place.

Before long the youngsters started coming into the vet room.

One by one they went into the squeeze chute.  They were curious about what was happening and why they were in such a fancy machine.

Taylor, who is pursuing a medical career, did a great job helping with vaccines and everything else.  It’s great to have such a great guy joining our team.

Once each horse was done it was let out of the chute and it walked over to the holding area.

There were a lot of them!

Finally the job was done and everyone was finished with their vaccinations, wormings, microchipping and ID collars.  The squeeze chute made handling these horses so much safer for both horses and humans, and we are so delighted we have this piece of equipment.

After the youngsters were done, Jason headed out to pick up the emaciated horse that was seen in a previous blog we were hoping to rescue.   Jason was so happy to be loading her up into the rescue rig, she was simply skin and bones.   

She arrived safely at our shelter, and the shelter staff were shocked to see what horrible condition she was in.

She is over 30 years old, and had other health problems in addition to her severe emaciation.  The only thing we could do was give her lots of love, yummy treats and the Last Act of Kindness.  Knowing her suffering is over forever is such a relief.

Sunday was going to be a busy day filled with adopters.  We had a lot of approved adopters ready to come pick up their new family members on the holiday weekend. Some of the youngsters were being adopted, and they had to be separated from the main herd.  Princess and Brook didn’t seem to mind being separated as they waited to be loaded.

We are so happy that they have found such a great home.  They peered out as they pulled away, watching the shelter disappear into the distance.

Countess had a potential adopter come out to see her too.  She really fell in love with her and decided to adopt her.

You could see how happy they both were when they posed for their adoption photo.  Congratulations to them both! 

Countess was a good girl and loaded right up into the trailer.  She is such a good girl.

Another adopter fell in love with Skippers Rag Doll and placed her in adoption pending.  She was also interested in adopting a donkey, and got acquainted with Jack.  He did his best to show how sweet he is, and that he really would like a home to call his own.

Next a family came out who was looking to add two new family members.  They needed a pony for their daughter, so Kirsty brought Star out to show them.

Star is such a good boy and they really enjoyed meeting him.  The little girl enjoyed riding him too.

The mother wanted a nice calm easy going horse, and Foxy was brought out for her to meet.

She really enjoyed riding Foxy.  Foxy is such a beautiful girl.

After riding them both they wanted Foxy and Star put in the same pen together so when they bring them home they will already be acquainted with each other.

Prince is in adoption pending, but we just had to show you the little trick he knows.  When you have a treat, he will rear on his hind legs, begging for it.  It is so cute!

Monday Jason was on the road taking Skippers Rag Doll to her adoptive home.  It was a beautiful drive, but near his destination the rain started falling quite furiously.

Skipper had not idea why she was getting out of the dry trailer into the down pouring rain, but she got happy again once she saw her nice dry barn.

She was glad she could look out from under the roof at the rain pouring down.

In no time at all she got busy munching her yummy food.  We are so glad she has such a great home.

Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it!