Tuesday Kirsty was hard at work training the youngsters, getting them ready for their new homes.

In between working with youngsters she showed Bella to a potential adopter.  Bella is an absolutely great horse and very sound minded.  Bella was untrained when we rescued her, but since coming to our shelter Kirsty has trained her to ride.

She wasn’t the right match for the potential adopter, she needs a horse that has a lot more miles under the saddle, but Bella enjoyed meeting her.

Then it was back to working with the youngsters.  Milo is in adoption pending, and Kirsty was hoping to have him leading before he heads to his new home.

It was his first lesson and he wasn’t quite sure about her.

Before long Kirsty won his trust and was leading him all around the round pen.

After Milo’s lesson he was put in a stall so he can get more one on one lessons before he heads to his family.  We are so glad to have Kirsty as our trainer, she does amazing things with all the horses.

Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it!