We had a lady come to the shelter who had some chickens she could no longer keep and desperately tried to find a place for them to go.  She called rescued after rescue and each one told her “No.”  In the end, she drove all the way from San Diego to our shelter, almost over 1,000 miles round trip, to bring them to our open door shelter.  All 3 of her chickens have already been adopted into a wonderful home.

Sunday Star and Foxy were loading up into the trailer.  They were heading to their new home!

A trailer pulled into the shelter to surrender horses into our Last Act of Kindness program.

One of the horses was in shocking condition.  All 3 horse were in their mid 30’s, but this horse was in the worst condition.  We are always so thankful that we have the Last Act of Kindness program, but we wish people would take advantage of it before their horse suffers in this condition.  When an older horse starts showing signs of failing health, and each horse does this at a different age, it is time to say “Goodbye.”

We had a potential adopter come out to look at the youngsters.  Two youngsters were separated and she watched each one’s personality to figure out which one she liked the best.

Finally she chose Scout, the bay in the back.  She has to wait until he is gelded before she can adopt him.

Kirsty has really had her work cut out for her working with these youngsters to get them halter trained.  Every day she is reaching out to them, gaining their confidence, showing them that humans are Ok.

She is such an excellent trainer and has them leading in no time.  Of course they need constant training and time so their training can stick for a lifetime.

It’s amazing to see these youngsters go from scared youngsters to the look of “Wow, humans know how to scratch in the most amazing places.  That feels so good!”

Meanwhile Jason had finally arrived at Foxy and Star’s new home.  Foxy was a good girl while she was led to her waiting pen. 

Star is such a handsome boy, and his new little mommy is so happy with him.

Thank you all for your support!