Many of you may remember back in January the horrible case where someone was mutilating and killing horses and dumping them.  If you don’t remember it, read the news story by clicking here.

They have finally arrested a suspect!  If this is the person who tortured the horses before dumping them, we hope that he is convicted and sentenced to the full extent of the law.  To read the news story, click here.

At the shelter this week Kirsty has been very busy halter training the youngsters.

 They are finally learning to follow her peacefully while she leads them all around the shelter.

Youngster after youngster throughout the days have followed Kirsty back and forth from the barns to the front office.  They are all doing great and seem to be very sensible and level headed.

Some horses were surrenderd into the Last Act of Kindness program this week, one of which was this mare.  She seems to be healthy, just a little underweight.  She is about 16 years old and a very pretty girl.  She is trained to ride.  We are always happy when horses that come into the Last Act of Kindness program are adoptable and can have a great chance at finding their forever home through our Adoption program.  There have been so many horses over the years that have been surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program that were found to be adoptable and went on to live a second life at a new forever home.  Without this program these horses would probably would have been sent off to auction and into the slaughter pipeline.

Thursday Jason headed off to meet up with Animal Control.  These people were unable to continue caring for their beloved horse, and Animal Control was there to make sure they surrendered her before she suffered any more.

It’s sad when people are no longer able to care for their horse any longer, and wait until their horse begins suffering to make the right decision to surrender them.  Please, if you cannot care for your horse, find help before it suffers!

Then Jason headed off to the Animal Control shelter to pick up this stallion.  His name is Raider and he is about 10 years old.  Animal Control picked him up when he was abandoned by his uncaring owners.

Elmo, a cute little Bantam rooster, was also transfered by Animal Control.

Maloki, a very adorable little rabbit, was also transfered.  He is so cute!

When he arrived at our shelter we put him in our large outdoor bunny habitat.  At first Maloki couldn’t believe his eyes.  Was he really going to be free?

Soon he started exploring his new temporary home.  You could see the look of amazement in his eyes.  He is a neutered male and is looking for his forever adoptive home.

Meanwhile Kirsty was busy evaluating Raider to see if he was trained to ride.

He tacked up nicely and didn’t seem to mind any of the tests she put him through, even the scary plastic bags.

Sure enough, he is well trained to ride!  He does seem to have some weakness in his hocks, we are going to have the vet check him out to make sure he is OK.  If he is fine he will be gelded and will be available for adoption to the right home.

Thank you all for your support!