Sunday Taylor had the round pen all watered down, graded and looking great.  It was all ready for Kirsty’s busy day working with the horses.

Taylor is doing a fabulous job cleaning the stalls and just has the place looking great.  Great job Taylor!

In the round pen Kirsty was working the horses, and the round pen didn’t look nicely groomed any more.  The tarp is to work on desensitizing the horses.

Kirsty worked on some refresher courses with Annie.  We had given her some time off from training, but restarted her training yesterday.  She remembered everything and did awesome.

The youngsters had to be separated, the boys from the girls, as the next day was going to be a very busy vet day with all the boy babies being gelded.

Some of the youngsters have such poor confirmation it is unbelievable.  This little guy literally stands with his hocks rubbing together.  When he walks they sometimes rub together.  We are going to have our vet check him out to make sure he is OK and to make sure this isn’t something that is going to effect his quality of life.

It is absolutely amazing having Kirsty on our staff as our trainer.  She does such a great job and we can’t imagine not having her at our shelter.

Thank you all for your support!