It’s time to save lives!  The horse auction is this weekend, and we need your help to rescue as many horses as possible from entering the slaughter pipeline.  Every month we raise funds to rescue precious lives, and this month our goal is to raise $6,000 for the rescue, care and training of slaughter bound horses.  Please help us save them, for more information and to donate, click here.

Monday was a very busy vet day.  We had a lot of gelding operations to do.  The first one on the schedule was Paddy.  Brittany, our vet-tech, held the little guy as the vet prepared the medications.  We have been working very hard getting our very own surgery room ready at the shelter, and today was the first day to try it out.  It has padded flooring and walls for the horses safety.

In no time at all Paddy’s gelding operation was underway.

Paddy also needed to be microchipped, what better time than when he was sleeping?

Once Paddy was waking up he was moved to a recovery stall.  It takes awhile for the drugs to fully wear off.

Roanie was the next “lucky” little guy to get gelded.

Then it was on to the young colts from the Fallon slaughter auction rescue.  Kirsty had 3 of the colts halter trained, which made it a lot easier.

One by one their gelding operations were done successfully.

After their surgery they laid in the surgery room until they could walk, then they were moved to the recovery stalls.

Colt after colt became a gelding.

After the halter trained colts were done, the ones that are still wild were brought into the hydraulic squeeze chute where they could be anesthetized in safety.  The vet said it was the safest way to work with wild horses he had ever seen.  He said “They just can’t hurt themselves!”

When they were completely under they were moved onto the gurney and wheeled into the surgery room.

All in all at the end of the day 9 horses were gelded.  It was a very busy day!  We are so excited to have our own on site hospital, rain sun or cold winter days we can provide top quality medical care to our rescued horses.  It is not quite finished, but it is well underway.  We are in need of medical equipment, if you know of any vets that are upgrading their equipment and would like to donate their old equipment to the shelter, please contact us.

Thank you all for your support!  Please remember the precious lives that are going to be auctioned off this weekend.  Horses at the auction, especially going into fall, have very few good options at an auction.  Please help us save their lives from the brutality of the slaughter pipeline: click here.