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Tuesday Kirsty was working with colts that had been just gelded.  It’s good to keep recently gelded horses moving to reduce swelling and pain.  Scout is doing really good.  We are sure that his adoptive mom will be quite happy with him.

Kirsty has also been working with Rosy, she is coming along nicely with her halter training too.

It was her first time being taken out of the round pen while being led.  She did quite well!

Rosey joined the other youngsters that Kirsty has been halter training so she can continue their training in group lessons, and so it’s easier to catch them.

Taro, one of the colts who was gelded, is doing well also.

He definitely enjoyed having Kirsty working with him.

He has the cutest little face full of curiosity.  This little guy needs a home, maybe yours?

Annie is continuing her refresher course for riding.  She is an absolutely gorgeous girl!  She too needs a home.

All day Tuesday Jason was on the road rescuing some critters that needed a place to go.  He was headed to a dog and cat sanctuary that had some farm type animals that could no longer stay there.

Jason got a chuckle out of this sign, especially the “naive young animals” part.  It’s so true that young animals don’t always have the best sense for staying out of the trucks way.

Meet Merinque, an approximately 5 year old female hinny.  She is a little shy of humans but is halter trained and seems to lead well.

The sanctuary also had 4 goats that needed to be transferred to our organization.

Merinque looked out the trailer on the long ride back to the shelter.

It was after dark when Jason got back to the shelter.  Each of the animals was safely settled in for their first night at the shelter.

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