Our Auction Rescue fund is currently at $4,897 out of our goal of $6,000 for the rescue, care and training of slaughter bound horses that will be sold at the horse auction this weekend.  Only $1,103 left to go, we can do this!  Every dollar really helps.  Please help us save lives, click here.

Wednesday Jason headed our to pick up a horse that had been left behind when his owner died.  It was running loose on property that was sold, and the new owner of the property doesn’t want the horse there anymore.  The only problem is, the horse is not in an adequate pen, and was unfriendly and did not want to be caught.

When he realized the horse trailer was there and that people were trying to catch him, he simply took off over the mountain into thousands of wooded acres.  A new plan is being formed for catching him, and we plan to go back for him soon.

Next Jason went to pick up two return adoptees.  They had to come back to the shelter due to their owner’s health.  This is Maggie, a sweet little pony. She is about 15 years old.

This is Lacy, an approximately 25 year old mare.  Their owner really loved them and took top quality care of them for the last 5 years, he was so sad that he had to return them to the shelter.

Next Jason headed out to pick up a horse that was abandoned on some property.  When he got there, there was no horse and no people.  Come to find out they had changed their minds and decided to do something else with the horse, without letting anyone at the shelter know.

Lacy and Maggie were safely unloaded at the shelter.

Before long they were in their extra large stall.  As they have been so long together we wanted them to get used to their surroundings before being separated.

We also had a Welsh pony mare surrendered.  Her name is Rose.  She was sold to someone as a riding pony, but she has a lot of back issues and cannot be ridden.  She may be able to be used as a cart pony, but she can’t be ridden.  She is really cute and friendly!

Merinque the henny is settling in nicely.  She really needed her hooves trimmed though.

Before she knew it she was in the special hydraulic squeeze, tilted on her side with leg protections being put on her legs so she could be trimmed.  It would almost be impossible to trim Merinque’s hooves without a lot of training and trust building, but since we have the tilt squeeze she can just lay there on big thick padding while the humans do all the hard work.

One by one her hooves were trimmed then filed to perfection.

Before long the whole process was over and she was being led back to her stall.

Another horse at the shelter who didn’t like lifting up his legs needed to have his hooves trimmed too.

What a great way to trim hooves for horses who cannot or will not lift their legs.  Many horses we shelter have hoof problems that cannot be trimmed by normal methods.

Roanie and Paddy are enjoying getting to know each other as geldings.  We are happy that they won’t be living solitary lives as stallions, but will be able to socialize in a herd setting.  They are both looking for homes, maybe one together?  They can’t be with mares yet, but give them a few months and they will fit right in.

Thank you all so much for your support!  We greatly appreciate your support of our life-saving programs, please remember the auction coming up this weekend.  To donate, click here.