Benji was being led out of the pasture with the other donkeys.  He’s enjoyed living in the lower pasture, but he had someone special waiting for him.

His new mom!  We are so happy that Benji has found a very special mommy to adopt him.

She also adopted two of the goats that are at the shelter.  Thank you so much for giving these guys such a wonderful home.

Kirsty was busy evaluating some of the new auction horses.  She didn’t want to put them through too much yet, just a quick little evaluation and some socializing.  Joesy tacked up nicely and is such a pretty girl.

Squire was a little cautious, trying to figure out why the human carried a tarp around when she was leading him.

He also wasn’t too sure about the scary bag on the end of the stick, but he soon realized it wasn’t going to hurt him.

Squire is such a cute guy and really seemed to enjoy working with Kirsty.

Chief also got acquainted with the bag on the end of the stick.

He was a very brave boy and walked right over the tarp.  More evaluation will continue with the auction horses as the days go by.

Thank you all so much for your support!