Wednesday Roanie was enjoying relaxing and munching on some nice yummy hay.  He has been recently gelded and is recovering quite nicely.  He is such a cute little guy!  He was enjoy a nice peaceful morning while…

…Taylor was hard at work cleaning stalls.  Nice clean stalls are so nice for the horses comfort and health.  Taylor does an excellent job keeping them nice and clean.

Snowman was busy patrolling around the shelter making sure everything was in tip-top shape.

Jason was busy working on sprinklers that have been broken over the last couple weeks.  This poor pipe was broken right at ground level inside the protective concrete pipe.  Sometimes the horses get to playing with the sprinklers and break them off in their fun.

The sprinkler riser and sprinkler were laying on the ground, just waiting to be hooked back up.

Before putting the sprinkler head on, Jason had to flush the lines.  Irrigation water at times can get quite dirty!

The rescue life isn’t always glamorous, out on the front lines rescuing animals in need.  Some days, like today, are just doing the day to day chores and maintenance keeping the animals happy and healthy.   Thank you all for your support of our shelter!