Thursday was a busy day working with the youngsters from the Nevada Slaughter auction.   Some final video footage was being taken for the new video that is being made about their journey.

New adoption available photos were also taken for the website.  It’s amazing to see the transformation. Just a few weeks ago they were scared and wild, now they are becoming nice halter trained youngsters.  One of them, Sienna, caught our eye.  She seemed like her tummy was a little bigger than it should have been.  They were all dewormed when they came to us, and her coat has a shiny, healthy look, so it was doubtful that she had a wormy belly.

Friday the vet was out and did a palpation on her.  He found out she is about 3 months pregnant!  The vet was thinking maybe she was older than we all thought she was, but when he looked at her teethe he said she is just 2 years old.  This poor baby is pregnant with her own baby.

The vet also looked at Mya and Kinley.  The vet did a palpation on Mya as we suspected she might be pregnant, and she is 4 months pregnant. If anyone is looking to adopt an adorable pair, with a baby on the way, please contact us.

Chief was examined.  His neck was a little stiff, but the vet looked at him and gave him the OK to go into training.

Sunday morning Scout, one of the Nevada youngsters, had to be separated from the herd as he was going to his new home.

   Before long he was loaded up into the trailer.  He looked back one last time as they headed out.

As the fall is coming on there are more and more elderly horses being surrendered for the Last Act of Kindness.  This old guy was surrendered on Sunday.  He is almost 30 years old and his loving owner knew it was time to say “Goodbye.”  The life had just gone out of his eyes.  It is always sad saying goodbye, but we are thankful that these owners take advantage of our humane program instead of dumping their horses at a slaughter auction, hoping that someone might buy them and give them a good home, but the chances of that are very low.

Sunday was a busy day for the donkeys too.  They had 2 different visitors come out to look at them.  The first visitor thought they were cute, but wanted to see Merinque, the Henny, too.

She liked Merinque but was looking for an older long eared to add to her family.  We told her to watch our Facebook page.  The other visitors are really interested in a couple of the donkeys.

We had an old friend show up for a surprise.  One of our old adoptee’s was passing through the area and stopped by for a visit.  This is Gambler, a baby we rescued in May 2012.  He has a grown a lot since then!

You can read his rescue story by clicking here.  It was one of the more interesting auctions we’ve been to as the kill buyers were feeling threatened by us and worked to get us kicked out.  As always we had a Plan B and were able to rescue horses, including Gambler, from being shipped to slaughter.

Gambler’s mommy said that he knew a trick, and soon proceeded showing what he could do.

His trick is he will lay down on command!  It was really cute and he enjoyed his treat that he knew would be waiting for him when he laid down.  He is very loved by his family, and we love seeing our adoptees in such a great home.

Over the last few days Jason and Taylor have been hard at work running electrical to the barn.  With winter coming, we are going to need lights as the days are getting shorter.

It’s nice having lights in the barn, and they can’t wait until it’s all done.

Thank you all for your support!  We really appreciate your support.