First of all we would like to invite you to watch our newest video, this video is one of the best videos we have made, we think.  It is all about the Nevada Slaughter Auction horses we rescued, and their journey at our shelter.  It’s a must watch!  To see this video, click here.

In the last blog, Scout (now named Diamond) was adopted.  His mommy posted on our Facebook page an update of him with a picture is his new home.  She writes: “Diamond safely and calmly to his new home today! Our journey together is about to begin. Least resistance training here we go together.”  Thank you so much for giving Diamond such a great home!  Diamond is one of the 35 horses seen in the video above.

We also got some other great adoption updates.  This is Foxy and her mom.  They are both very happy and her face says it all.

Foxy’s mom also adopted Star for her daughter.  We love seeing the smiles that our adoptees make in their new families.

Countess’ adopter writes: “Just wanted to give you an update on High Vote Count! She’s doing amazing! Putting on weight nicely, riding great, and a pleasure on my trail rides. Seriously couldn’t have been a better match. We get along great!”

Some of you may remember the Fresno group that were rescued from the hoarding situation last year.  This is Diamond, one of the horses from that rescue.  He was SO skinny.

Today Diamond is a completely different horse and his transformation is amazing.  He was one of the horses in our Extreme Rescue Makeover competition.  His adopter is Kirsty, who after the competition became our on-site trainer.  She has done such a great job with him!

Tuesday morning Roanie gave us all a great big scare, and sent staff running to call the vet.  He managed to break his the bone in his upper jaw / nose area.  The vet soon arrived and gave him a sedation so he could be examined closely.

Poor guy, he really needed the vet’s help!  His upper teeth were offset from his bottom teeth due to the break.

The vet had to wire the bone back together.

It was quite an operation but soon it was over and he was waking up from his medication.  His teeth were in the right position.

Meanwhile Milo was getting ready to be transported to his new home.  Kirsty has done such a great job working with him.

Milo was a little unsure about hopping into a trailer, but he knew that he could trust Kirsty, and he followed her right in.

He was safe and snug for his long ride to southern Ca.

While the trailer with Milo drove away, Smokey was getting ready to head out to his new home too.

His new mom was so happy to be adopting him.

By closing time Roanie was doing much better, and he is eating and drinking well.

Milo arrived safely and his new mom is so happy!

Thank you all for your support, and if you didn’t have a chance to watch the latest video, watch it now!  Click here.