Thursday was a busy day.  In addition to the routine cleaning, we are also do a lot of extra cleaning getting ready for winter.

Some volunteers even came to lend a hand doing some extra cleaning.

We are also getting the stalls prepped for sanding and painting.

We had 5 purebred Buckeye roosters surrendered to the shelter.  Their owner said they are quite rare.

Kirsty is constantly busy training and evaluating the youngsters.  This is Rosie, she is doing quite well but we believe that she possibly might be pregnant too like Sienna.

Her belly definitely has a different look than a 2 year old’s should have.  We will have the vet check her out.

Friday Shadow the donkey, who we rescued from auction a few months back, was getting ready to head to her new home.

Before long she was peering out of the trailer, wondering what her new home was going to be like.

Her new mommy is so happy to have her home.  She couldn’t wait to introduce her to someone special.

Shadow’s new pasture buddy was so happy to see another long ear.  He was lonely and Shadow is going to be his best friend.

Sunday Kirsty was busy working with the youngsters.

She is also working with Squire.  He is going to make an awesome trail horse some day.

We had this big Thoroughbred surrendered to the shelter.  When Kirsty was leading him back to his stall Tawnee thought for sure she had seen this horse before, and went to talk to the people who were surrendering him.

Tawnee has an uncanny ability to recognize horses faces (she often wishes she could recognize people that well.)  She thought for sure she had seen this horse before and had gone riding with him about 10-12 years before.

Tawnee called the people she thought had owned him before, and while talking to them, they described a scar they thought should be on his left leg.  Sure enough, there it is.

He also had a very bumpy trot, and when he was saddled up, sure enough, he has a very bumpy trot.

It’s so nice being able to get history on horses that come to the shelter.  Old photos will hopefully be sent to us soon.  He is a 16 year old gelding nicely trained to ride, who is looking for his forever home now!  Sadly his old owners are not in a position to have horses now, but they hope for the best for him.

Thank you all for your support!  It really makes a huge difference.