We had 104 roosters surrendered to us by an Animal Control.   These roosters were from a seizure done by Animal Control from a meat supplier who supplies their chickens to Whole Foods.  Complaints were made due to smell, and Animal Control went to investigate.  No one was on the premises so Animal Control left a notice.  Later Animal Control found that the chickens were still not being cared for and that they had been without food and water for 4 days.  They seized the birds and soon they came to us.  So, we welcomed 104 new roosters to the shelter with open arms.  They are so happy!  After living their whole lives in cramped cages one on top of each other, they are now able to move about freely and enjoy life like all animals should be able to.  They really help out with the bug and fly population at the shelter too, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.  They are available for adoption, if you are interested, please contact us.

Tuesday the vet was out doing examinations and doing pregnancy checks on all the young Nevada Slaughter Auction fillies.

Britney, our vet check, was also helping.  Palpation were done, and the vet found that every one of the young fillies is pregnant.

Each one of the fillies is just 2 years old, and one of them is already 4 1/2 months pregnant.  Poor babies!

Blue, seen in the last blog (the horse that Tawnee recognized from years ago) already has someone wanting him.  The vet did an exam on him.  He has had some abscesses in the past, but the vet says he should be fine on dry soil.

It was such a beautiful day at the shelter!

Wednesday Tawnee headed to Animal Control to pick up some critters and feed donation they had for us.  This is a duck that someone found and brought to them.

This is a little billy goat, he is very cute but stinks like a billy goat.

They also had a little baby duck that was brought to them from a different location than the 1st duck.

The little ducks were packaged up safely in transport boxes.

The little billy goat was quite happy in the trailer.

We would like to thank them for donating excess feed that they couldn’t use.

Back at the shelter Neet was enjoying paddling around a little pond just his size.

The billy goat, Royal, looked out with curiosity.  He is such a cute little guy and he is so small.

Francis, the larger duck, walked up to a pond just her size.  It’s so nice that the shelter has such wonderful habitats for so many different kinds of animals.

Francis couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be put in such a gorgeous pond.

Thank you all so much for your support, both financial and emotional.