Thursday Kirsty was busy getting the last youngster halter trained.  She has been diligently working on them and this was the last one that needed its lessons.

She got her haltered and she is now able to be led around the arena.  Way to go Kirsty!  It’s been a huge task getting all these youngsters halter trained but you’ve done a great job.

Dusty’s new mom came out to the shelter to meet him and hopefully take him and Blue home.  She was recently approved to adopt and she was so excited.

Blue was led out to the round pen to show his mom the stuff he knew.  Blue just had to take a minute to say “Hi” to Roanie.  It’s amazing the size difference between the two.  Blue is a 17 hand Thoroughbred and Roanie is a 32″ tall mini.

Blue felt taller than ever standing next to such a little horse.  Roanie was thoroughly impressed, he hopes when he grows up he can look just like Blue.  Sorry Roanie, you’re a mini and you’re as big as you are going to grow.

Blue’s mom absolutely fell in love with him and was so happy to have him.  She just couldn’t wait to take Blue and Dusty home.

Dusty was the first to load up in the trailer.  He sniffed the trailer then hopped right in.  Some donkeys are quite stubborn when it comes to loading, but Dusty knows that he is going to a great home.

Blue was happy to load up and head to his new home too.

He did have one request, maybe a taller trailer would be nice?  Don’t worry boy, it’s a short trip and you’ll be out soon.

In no time at all Dusty and Blue (not pictured) were settling into their new home.  Dusty was so delighted to see a donkey friend just waiting to be his buddy at his new home.

Meep was adopted in the evening and his new mom is so excited too.  They posed for a beautiful silhouette adoption photo.

Thank you all so much for your support!