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We had an interesting development with the 2 horses that Butte County Animal Control sent to the illegal auction.  We found out that after Butte County made the decision to send the two horses to the auction, a very qualified home stepped forward to adopt the Mustang, named Jeep.  They were told “No” and that they were taking them to a family ran no killer buyer auction.  The person was very disappointed that Animal Control would not allow her to adopt the horse, but there was nothing she could do and it must not be meant to be.   We find this interesting as Linda, Animal Control supervisor, told Jason that absolutely no one wanted them and they had to send them to auction because they had no other choice and her boss told her to unload them.

After finding out we rescued them, she contacted us immediately and told us she really wanted to adopt him.  Mind you, this is a person who has adopted from Animal Control, and us, before and provides outstanding care for her horses.  She was not declined from adopting this horse from Animal Control because she was not a good placement, they had already made the decision to send them to auction and didn’t care about the horses future.  She was so happy when she arrived and was able to adopt this beautiful boy.

Jeep was so happy to load up into the trailer.  We are so thankful for happy endings to what could be a terrible ending for horses.

A trailer pulled into the shelter with a horse to surrender.  Over the last 7 days we have had 9 horses surrendered at our shelter.  Fall is definitely a very busy time.  We also had another horse surrendered for the Last Act of Kindness, making 6 horses surrendered for the LAK program in the last week.

This is Sal, a 20 year old Arabian.  Somehow his first photo at the shelter didn’t turn out so good.  You’ll see better pictures later in the blog.

The worm farmer was at the shelter continuing to gather manure.  We are so thankful that someone wants it all and is willing to scrape the pens with his tractor to get it.

    Gypsy, on the left (the other horse we rescued from the illegal auction) and Sal, who was surrendered earlier in the day, were enjoying a nice ride together.

They are two absolutely beautiful horses and both very well trained to ride.  Gypsy’s eye is doing much better now that he is receiving medication.  When we rescued him from the auction he couldn’t even open his eyelid.  Now his eye is almost 100% back to normal.

Sal has been an endurance horse and has rode on the Tevis Cup, but never fully completed it.  He has done a lot of 50-75 mile endurance rides.  That was a few years ago, but he still has a lot of get up and go.  He is looking for a great home, maybe yours?

Gypsy had a very excited adopter come out to visit him.  This little girl has been waiting for the perfect horse for a very long time.  Gypsy was a perfect fit.

She was so excited, and we are so happy that the two horses that we rescued from the illegal auction found absolutely wonderful homes so quickly.

Please remember the horses that will be sold at the auction this weekend.  We desperately need your help to rescue as many as possible.  Please donate right now, click here