Saturday night, thanks to your donations, our rescuers were at the Cowtown auction.  There were not very many horses there, and a rescue was there (they 3 horses,) so most of the horses were going to be saved.  We were able to save a total of 5, from this auction, and are planning on visiting other auctions this month.  As you know, this was the 2nd auction we have rescued horses at this month.

Jason and Tawnee arrived after the auction was over and started trying to find the horses our rescuers were able to purchase in the dark.  Finally they were all found and loaded safely in the trailer.

They arrived safely at the shelter about 2:00 am.  It had been a long drive but everyone traveled well.

The trailer was backed up to the unloading chute, and this little filly, named Sunshine, looked out of the trailer wide eyed, wondering where she was.

One by one the horses unloaded safely.  They were happy to get out on solid ground.

Soon they were settled in for the night in the quarantine pen.   They were all curious of their new surroundings and looking around.

We would like to introduce the horses that were saved.  This, as was mentioned, is Sunshine.  She is a very cute filly.

This handsome gelding is named Apache.  He is in a lot of pain and will be examined by our vet as soon as possible.

This gelding is named Tank.

That is a registered Appaloosa mare name Amazin Me.  We are going to call her Amie.  She is 13 years old.

This cute girl is named Hoka, Native American for “Clown” as in, a delightful, fun loving personality.

Thank you all for your support!  We plan on attending another auction soon as the funds were not all used for this auction as there were not very many horses.