Our adoption coordinator has been very worried lately, there is hardly any interest in adopting young horses, and we really want to get these youngsters into great homes before winter. She’s been pacing and wringing hands, muttering to herself “Homes, homes we need homes! Instead of a turkey on the table how about a horse in the barn for Thanksgiving! Young mare in foal in the manger for Christmas?”  We rescued 35 horses from a Nevada slaughter auction in August, and we still have 8 youngsters that need homes.  We would like to thank other rescues that took some of the horses, and to each adopter we’ve had so far.  Kirsty has been working with these youngsters and they are all halter trained and getting desensitized.

They are learning to lift up their feet and they have all had their hooves trimmed by a wonderful barefoot trimmer who volunteered her time.

All the youngsters know how to tie.  Sadly all the girls are pregnant, from living on the range, despite only being 2 and 3 years old.

We would like to introduce each of these youngsters to you.  Please spread the word that they need homes!  They have been through a lot in their short lives: rounded up by helicopters, taken to auction, facing the horrors of the slaughter pipeline, rescued, brought to Ca and they are all ready for adoption.  Their before pictures are on the left, their current pictures are on the right.  For more information about each horse, click on their picture.  Their adoption fee is $100 to approved homes, or waived if transferred to 501(c)(3) rescue / sanctuary organizations.

This is Comet, a 2 year old gelding.  He is friendly and curious about people and doing very well with his training.

This is Sienna, she is 3 months pregnant at 2 years old.  From the beginning this was the most friendly, curious youngster out of the group.  Despite being wild when she came, she was very curious about humans and would come up and sniff, trying to make friends.  She has done very well with her training and is going to make an amazing horse.

This is Taro, about 1 1/2 year old gelding.  He is the littlest in the group, but he’s also the youngest.  He has the cutest little face ever and is absolutely adorable.

This is Bella, 3 years old and 3 months pregnant.  She is the oldest out of the group and is now halter trained and doing very well with her lessons.

This is Amber, she is a very cute Quarterhorse type filly who is 3 months pregnant.  She is very sweet and has a great personality.

Bonnie is a 2 year old who is 4 months pregnant.  She is doing very well with her training lessons and is going to be a taller horse than the rest of the youngsters.

Spirit is a 2 year old gelding.  He is a very nice boy and should make a great trail horse some day.

Rosie is 2 years old and 3 months pregnant.  She is a stout, bigger boned youngster than the rest.  She doing very well with her training and is ready for a family of her own.

As you can imagine, we want to get these youngsters into great homes soon, especially the pregnant youngsters.  Our vet says they should be fine giving birth as they will be 3 and 4 years old by then, but the main important thing is to get them into homes where they can be settled and comfortable with their new family for the rest of their pregnancy.  You can watch their rescue journey by clicking the picture below or clicking here.

Please share this blog with anyone you think can adopt a youngster.  Thanks!