The 104 young roosters from the animal control case are settled in nicely at the shelter and get along great with the other roosters.  Feeding time is always exciting as they are all diving in to get some yummy food.

Kirsty was busy giving some of the youngsters a makeover in their grooming lessons.  As you can imagine they all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Comet looked like he couldn’t believe his luck in getting all the attention.

Amber really enjoyed all the grooming and liked her dark, natural highlights in her mane.

But Sienna thinks that her pretty naturally blond mane is the prettiest of all.

Kirsty has also been working with Squire, who was rescued from auction a month ago.  Kirsty has been training him in preparation to go under saddle, and she felt that he was ready for his first ride.

She has spent a lot of time getting him used to weight in the stirrup, so he wasn’t very concerned at all with her getting up on him.

When she mounted him he did great and we look forward to when he will be able to go on his first trail ride.  We are so blessed to have such an excellent trainer, so we can give auction horses like him the training they need to be highly adoptable and go on to live successful, happy lives in Humanville.

After Kirsty was done riding Squire, she got Jill and Annie out for a little grooming session with them.

Annie is trained to ride, but Jill is still a little too young for a rider on her back.  Kirsty has done the training in preparation for that.

We had some ducks brought to us all the way from a southern California animal control, and all three of them found a wonderful home together.

Geoffrey was brought to us by the same people who surrendered the ducks.  They got him from Animal Control and brought him to our shelter.  He is a very sweet and friendly goat, and is looking for a new home.

Thank you all so much for your support, both emotional and financial.  It’s what makes rescuing, sheltering, training and adopting in great homes animals like the ones in today’s blog.