Thursday we had a horse being surrendered.  We have had a lot of animals surrendered at the shelter, in fact, we have had over 500 animals (mostly horses) come in this year alone.  This horse was different.

Meet Welly, an 18 hand Hungarian Warmblood.

This boy is giant!  He made Kirsty feel pretty small standing next to him.  He was led away to his very own private stall to settle in.

Geoffry the goat was enjoying hanging out and relaxing with not much going on other than enjoying his lunch.  It’s always nice when you can lay in the nice warm sun and eat yummy food, all at the same time.  It’s like a picnic!

Little did he know that 3 more goats were being surrendered while he was peacefully enjoying his feed.

Before long the 3 little goats, JR, Atlis, and Zaus were getting acquainted with everyone.  Geoffry just couldn’t believe his eyes.  More 4 legged friends that actually speak his own language.

Jack the donkey is such an incredibly sweet guy, he absolutely loves attention.  If he sees you come to the fence, he will walk over and bray softly, wanting some petting.  He is hoping that someone will come to the shelter soon and give him a wonderful home.

Jack has been at the shelter for a year and a half, and Kirsty can’t figure out why.  He is one of the sweetest donkey’s we have ever had at our shelter.  He is just waiting for the right family to call his own, maybe yours?

Meanwhile Welly was enjoying a nice scratching from Guy, one of our stable-hands.  He couldn’t quite believe how tall Welly is.

We were told that Welly was well trained to ride, so Kirsty tacked him up.  Then she had to figure out how to get on him.  Our mounting block wasn’t tall enough.  Thankfully, the back of a 4-wheeler was handy, and Welly is a great horse who just stood there.  No doubt he chuckles inside while people try to figure out how to get on him.

He is such a good boy and so very tall.

If he’s not the tallest horse we’ve ever had, he’s close.   What a beauty.

We also had a micro-mini year old pig surrendered too.  Her name is Rose, so now we have 3 pigs, Petunia, Daisy and Rose, available for adoption.

Thank you all for your support!