One of our rescuers was sent to yet another auction since the last blog, and was able to save 4 more horses!  So far this month we have rescued at 3 different auctions, saving a total of 11 horses.  When the horses arrived at our shelter they were temporarily put in the round pen to settle in for the night.

They were all very tired from their long ordeal.

This is a young mare named Cinnamon.

This colt is named Domino.

This is Misty, a sooty Palomino.  Sooty Palominos are pretty rare.

This big guy named Braveheart is a draft/cross, possibly a PMU. He has an injured eye and it looks like it recently happened. Most likely that is why he was dumped at auction.

His eye is causing him a lot of trouble and we are going to get him a medical attention as soon as possible.

We gave him some eye ointment to make him more comfortable.  It is always sad when animals in need of medical attention are dumped at auction.

Cinnamon has a halter rub across her face.  She probably had a halter on her when she was a baby and no one took it off until she was older.  Poor girl!

The three youngster horses are all very cute and Kirsty will be working with them.

Sunshine, from an auction rescue earlier this month, is learning to lead!

She is doing well enough now where she can be led around around the shelter.

She is so incredibly cute and has a very sweet personality.

Hoka is in adoption pending!  We are so happy for him and his new future, made possible by donations to our auction rescue fund by people just like you.

Thank you all for your support!