Sunshine is doing very good at her leading and tying lessons.

She is such a cute little girl, the vet says she is 6-7 months old and already is big for her age.  She should be really big when she’s all done growing up!

CeeCee is doing well under saddle.  Kirsty has been working with her diligently and she is doing much better.  It’s always fun seeing a picture from the trainer’s perspective.

A visitor came out who really liked Rosie the pig.  Rosie plopped down to have her belly scratched, and Dottie cruised over demanding some attention too.

Dottie is having some good citizenship training.  She can be a little pushy at times, and acts like a spoiled princess with an attitude when she wants her way.

Dottie came to us in 2006 and was our first original mascot.  She went to some outings and schools, but when Macho Man came to us, his personality was so much better suited for outings that Dottie has just enjoyed living the spoiled life.   She’s older now and should be calmer, so hopefully she can start attending functions once again.  When she came to us she was much darker, but now she is basically completely white.

Dottie was led around the office and is learning how to interact peacefully in the humans environment indoors.

We had a Tennessee Walking Horse who is 23 years old named Stanley surrendered.  He hasn’t been ridden for awhile and seems to have some lameness issues.  We’re not sure if it is causing him pain, but we are going to have him checked out by our vet to see if he is OK or if he is living in chronic pain.

Thank you all for your support, both financially and emotionally.