One of our lead rescuers stopped by an auction this evening that normally does not have many horses, and they have almost 20 horses waiting to be sold to the highest bidders! These horses have a very grim future if we do not rescue them, many will end up in the slaughter pipeline. As far as we know, we are the only rescue organization at this auction this evening. We had absolutely no opportunity to fundraise for this auction, and we desperately need your help to save their lives…

Please donate right now, your donation will be used to rescue, medical attention, care and training of as many horses as possible at this auction.   Please donate to our Auction Rescue Fund right now, every dollar really helps!  To donate, click here or to donate directly using your Paypal account: donate@horsehumane.org

Please forward and share this with anyone you think may be able to help.  The horses are counting on you to help save their lives.  Thanks!