On Friday evening we received word from one of our lead rescuers that there were almost 20 horses at an auction that normally does not have many horses.  We asked you to help and your response was amazing!

We rescued every horse we could on such short notice.  By the end of the auction we were able to save 5 precious lives from shipping to slaughter.

This is a registered APHA mare named FR Imressiv Sonshine.  She was born on April 16, 1998.  She came with her papers, we are going to try to track down her old owner.  Usually registered owners have no idea that their horse ended up at an auction, they sell it to someone who promised to give it a “good home” but then they sell it on, it bounces around, and finally ends up at auction, with the paperwork never being transferred.  We see this happen time after time again, it’s just a sad story that just keeps happening.

The horses have been through a lot at the auction, and no doubt seen better times.  They were no doubt feeling the worry of their unknown future.

As soon as we could a trailer was dispatched to pick up the lucky 5.

They waited in the loading chute while the trailer backed up.  They had bright looks on their faces, they knew they were leaving the auction yard soon.

Finally they were all loaded up and headed to the shelter.

Before they knew it the trailer door opened up at the unloading area at our shelter.  One by one they looked and gingerly stepped out.

We would like you to meet each one of the rescued horses.  This is the registered mare named FR Impressiv Sonshine.

This is Ginger, we believe that she may have had a baby at her side before going to the auction.  It was probably weaning time, so they pulled the baby and sent the mom to auction, they had no use for her anymore so they dumped her.  Poor girl!

This is Dundee, a pretty gelding.  He is said to be kid broke, but we are of course going to have Kirsty evaluate him to find out if that is true.

Ice is a pretty grey gelding.  He knows a trick, he knows how to count.  We will have to get that on video.

This is Leon, a mature stallion.  He is a very pretty boy and hopefully he will be getting his gelding operation as soon as possible.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated to make this auction rescue possible.  Sufficient funds were donated to fund our next auction rescue sometime this month.  We can’t thank you enough!