The Dan Reed benefit concert was a  great success!  We can’t possibly thank the people who made it all happen enough, and the venue for providing such a great location for the concert.  To see more photos of the concert, click here.

We have gotten a little behind on the blogs, but we will catch you up.  We had  a computer virus attack the shelter computer, causing a lot of headaches and making it hard to get the pictures to the blog writers.  It’s up and going again so the blogs should be out on time.

CeeCee and Liberty were going to be heading out on a trail ride together.  Liberty, on the right, is the mother of CeeCee.  They are both nice horses.

Before long they were at the trail head and getting saddled up.  CeeCee is such a beautiful horse.

Liberty was being a good girl as she was being saddled up too.  She was going to be ridden by a 12 year old on the trail ride.

Kirsty was riding CeeCee on the ride.  CeeCee wasn’t used to going on trail rides through creeks and over various obstacles, but by the end of the trail ride she was doing fantastic.

Liberty was absolutely wonderful on the trail ride.  Anywhere she was asked to go she went with no hesitation.

She walked carefully over logs and was such a good girl.

CeeCee believes that jumping over logs is more fun.  She might make a great jumper.

You can watch their trail ride video by clicking here.

Back at the shelter they were relaxing and getting a nice bath and grooming after their ride.  They are both available for adoption, and are really wanting a great home, maybe yours?  If you are interested in adopting CeeCee or Liberty (or both!) please contact us.  Their adoption fee is $400 each.  To contact us, click here.

We had some very adorable hair sheep surrendered to the shelter.  They lived near the fire that happened a couple months ago not too far away from the shelter, and after the fire the natural predators started coming in and preying on them.  Their owner was very concerned and wanted to get them out of harms way.

All in all 10 very cute sheep were surrendered.  They are all available for adoption, if you are interested in adopting them please contact us.

Kristy has been working with Cinnamon and she has been doing very well.

She is getting all desensitized so things won’t scare her.

She is also learning to accept the saddle on her back, hopefully soon she will be riding her.

Everyone has been very busy at the shelter since the last blog, and the sunsets have been gorgeous!

Thank you all so much for your support, both financial and emotional.