Domino was a young stud when we rescued him, but he is now a gelding.  He is doing very well with his training.

He is a very flashy boy with big black spots, and will make an awesome horse for someone.

Braveheart, the Clydesdale cross, is doing much better.  When we rescued him from auction, his eye was so infected that puss was oozing out of his eye in large quantities.   His eye is clearing up so nicely with medication.

His potential adopter is very excited about adopting him once he has fully recovered, and she loves spending time grooming him.

Dundee, from the last auction rescue, is doing great.

Kirsty saddled him up and rode him.  He passed his evaluation with flying colors.

Welly, the 18 hand Hungarian Warmblood, had one of our previous adopters come out to look at him.   They really fell in love with each other.

They are excited about adding Welly to their family, and as you can see, Welly definitely feels relaxed and happy with them, and enjoys the attention and scratches.

We had 2 horses surrendered, the one on the left is a 20 year old Morgan, he has been used for trail riding and packing.  The one on the right, the one with a star, is a younger Tennessee Walking horse that is trained to ride and likes doing stuff.

We had a horse surrendered with absolutely horrible hooves.  Animal Control was involved and we are very thankful that they worked diligently to get him out of the situation he was in.

At the shelter Patches unloaded from the trailer safely.

It was surprising how well he could walk despite how badly his hooves are grown out and disfigured.  His hooves were so long that someone took a saw to them and sawed them off.  It’s hard to know exactly how long his hooves were before they hacked them off, but they were probably a foot or so long.

These are Patches front hooves.

These are his back hooves.

He is literally just walking on extremely overgrown heals.  This is the worst case of hoof neglect we have ever seen in a horse his size.

Our vet was busy examining him shortly after he unloaded from the trailer.  Our vet gave us the good news that he believes Patches could be rehabbed and has a good prognosis for recovery.  We are very excited about this, we know that it will be a long journey for Patches.

Our vet believes that with some proper trimming and recovery time, Patches will be sound once again and have normal hooves.

We need your help for Patches!  Please donate for Patches care right now using your credit card on our secure site, click here.  To donate directly using your Paypal account: donate@horsehumane.org.

Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to horses just like Patches that have no other options.