We have a new video up for you to watch.  It should be the first of many videos of Patches on his journey through rehab.  This poor guy has the worst case of neglected hoof growth we have ever seen in a horse as big as him.  To watch the video, click here.

We had a few rainy days at the shelter, we are so thankful for having lots of barns and stalls for the animals so even though it’s pouring rain we can still stay busy helping horses.  We would like you to meet some new faces.  This is Daisy, a mule who was surrendered by her owner, he could no longer keep her.

Splash was surrendered with Daisy.  She is a very cute mare with adorable markings.

Ice, who was rescued from the last auction rescue, was busy getting evaluated by Kirsty.

He was a good boy and come to find out he is a gaited horse.  We believe he is a Tennessee Walker, possibly Walker cross.

Ginger, from the same auction group as Ice, got a little round pen work done with her.  She is such a a beautiful girl with her big blaze.

She got a little grooming in after her round pen work.

The Morgan and Tennessee Walking horse, who you met in the last blog, were hanging out wanting some more blog time.  They are so cute together.

Major is already in adoption pending, and it’s no surprise with his beautiful face.

Black Hawk was hanging out enjoying some nice cool moist dirt.

But, it was time for his evaluation so he had to get up and get to work.

He is such a beautiful stunning Morgan horse.  We feel confident that he too will soon be in adoption pending, maybe to you?  If you are interested in adopting him, we are told he is a great trail horse, contact us by clicking here.

We have a lot roosters at the shelter.  We have a huge number of them that all look the same.  An adopter came out and fell in love with Snowman, the only white rooster at the shelter.  Shortly thereafter he vanished.  Kirsty searched high and low for him, and finally he re-appeared after the adopter left.  Kirsty got out some of his favorite food, and before long, he was in her arms.  He was put in a cage until his adopter can come pick him up.

Thank you so much for your support!