Patches second video is up, you can watch as he receives his first trim. It’s an amazing video you will want to Like and Share with all your friends. We would to thank Susan, a natural bare foot trimmer, for donating her time and expertise to help Patches, she did a great job!  To watch this amazing transformation, click here.

We got an update about Willow, who we rescued from a hoarding case. Willow won 3rd place in our Extreme Rescue Makeover contest. Her mom says:

“Willow is doing fantastic! We have done several NorCal Brumbee events and are learning so much. We continue to ride every week with my friend Colleen (who adopted Miss Daisy) and are both taking lessons with Miss Daisy’s trainer Mindy Konradi. We also joined the Nor Cal Brumbee group (Clinton Anderson Method), which as you probably know Mindy and Tara Gallison (Willow’s trainer) both practice. Also we taking the girls on 2-3 trail rides and obstacle courses every month, so we’re keeping pretty busy, and loving it… I want you to know that in the process of Horse Plus Humane Society saving one horses life (Willow) you saved mine too.”

Over the weekend some of our rescuers attended an auction.  They were able to rescue 1 little filly.

By the next morning she was settled right in.  She is so adorably cute, and has a cute name too: Joy.  Kirsty will be busy getting her halter trained so she will be ready for her new home.

Leon, the mature stallion from the previous auction rescue, was in the round pen getting ready to be evaluated for his potential riding abilities.  We were told he was trained to ride.

He saddled right up, and was such a good boy.  He was very respectful and mindful.

He is very well trained to ride and will be available for adoption as soon as he is gelded.  He is very relaxed under saddle and just minded whatever he was told to do.

We had a little girl come out who had just had her birthday.  She wanted to help horses, so she brought her $20 in birthday money and a great bit bag of carrots.  What a sweet, caring thing to do!

We had a approved potential adopter come out to see Liberty.  She really enjoyed riding Liberty and they seemed to make a bond very quickly.

Before long Liberty was snuggled up next to her new mom for their adoption photo.

Ice was also adopted!  We rescued him from the slaughter pipeline, and we are so happy that he found such a great home.  His new mom and dad has recently lost their beloved horse due to old age, and they were ready to fill the empty place in their hearts and barn.

Ice loaded right into their trailer.  He is such a good boy.  He has really put on a lot of weight since we rescued him.

Liberty was also being transported to her new home.  She was catching a ride to her home with Ice.

Ice is such a beautiful boy and we are so thankful that he has a wonderful new family and start to his new life.

Welly has been in adoption pending, and he was ready to go home.  He had to get a health certificate and coggins test before he could head to his new home.  Finally the big day had arrived and his new family was so excited.

Welly is 18 hands tall, and they found an extra-extra tall trailer to transport him in.  He had plenty of head room and was traveling quite comfortably.  Three adoptions in 1 day is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you all so much for your support!