Monday morning Jason headed out through the mountains to go pick up a couple horses that needed to be surrendered.  It was such a beautiful drive.

Up in the mountains, though, it got cold and snowy.  The roads were clear though with no danger of slipping.

Our long time blog readers may remember this horse.  No, Spero was not being returned to the shelter.  His adoptive mom loves him very much.  She rescued two horses from a neighbor who could no longer keep them, and she needed them to come to the shelter.  It was such a treat to see Spero once again.

When we rescued Spero he was literally a walking skeleton.  With good food and tender care, he started gaining weight immediately. In less than two months (left to right) you can really see a huge difference.

He was so skinny, but his eyes had the spark of life, a glimmer of hope, as if saying “Maybe there is a chance someone will care for me?”

Today Spero is fat, happy and totally spoiled.

His best friend is a big Macaw named Paco.  Paco will sit on the railing and call Spero by name to come visit him.  It was so delightful to see the friendship between the two.

Spero and Paco are good stall buddies.  Spero’s mom says that when it’s snowy Paco likes stomping around in the snow for fun.

We are always thankful when our adopters and supporters are on the lookout for horses in need of help.  We can’t thank Spero’s mom enough for recognizing a need and doing something to help the two horses. Beauty is a 6 year old halter trained mare.

This is her friend Sippy.

Beauty headed out of the barn and into the trailer.  They both loaded up with no problem at all and seem to be very sweet horses.

Back on the road, through the snowy pass and back to the shelter the rescue rig traveled.

They arrived safely at the shelter and Beauty was the first to unload.

Sippy unloaded safely and was put in a waiting pen too.

Thank you all for your support!