First off, we would like to say we hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving. You probably want to grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy catching up on all the happenings at the shelter over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tuesday morning Dottie and Roxi were looking across the fence trying to figure out what was happening.

All the hair sheep were going to be seen by the vet, given their dewormers, the boys fixed, and anything else they needed done.

The vet got right to work on the sheep.  The boys were given pain killers so they didn’t feel a thing.

The vet also did some updated checks on the horses in rehab at the shelter.  Braveheart got his eye checked.  The vet says his eye is doing really well, it is such an improvement.  When we rescued him from an auction he had a horrible infection that was causing a lot of puss and pain in his eye.

After the check-up it was time for mare marbles.  They also work like an IUD and can keep them from coming into heat.

The vet was very busy putting the marbles in the mares.

After the mares were done it was time for Leon to be gelded.  He was put in the surgery room.  He was wide eyed wondering what was going to happen next.  We asked the vet what breed he thinks he is, and the vet believes he may be an Andalusian, or a cross.

The vet gave Leon some sleepy injection and soon Leon was feeling very tired.

Before long the operation was all over and Leon was back on his feet, waking up.  The only difference is, he is now a beautiful gelding instead of a beautiful stallion.  He is about 6 years old, very nicely trained to ride, and is waiting for someone to step forward and give him a wonderful home for Christmas.  Maybe yours?

Kirsty got busy evaluating horses after the vet stuff was done.  Ginger saddled nicely, but acted like she wasn’t quite sure about the process, but it did seem somewhat familiar.

We believe that Ginger was probably started under saddle when she was younger, then became a brood mare, and has forgotten some of her training.  She is a very good girl though and tried very hard to please her rider.

While Ginger was in the round pen, Patches was enjoying some nice grooming, watching the activity.

Patches heard about how Spero has a pet Macaw, and he thought he should have a bird friend too.  Since there’s no parrots flying around the shelter, Patches decided to settle for a rooster.  The little rooster perched on Patches back while he was being groomed.  It was quite cute.

Patches now has a turnout paddock with a stall, and he gets to visit Phoenix across the fence.  He is a bit sore after his first trim, as to be expected, but he is doing very well.  Our vet examined him again and said he is doing great.

Sunday morning Joy was getting a leading lesson.  She is such a cute little girl and has such adorable markings on her face.

Kirsty worked with Cinnamon.  She is training her to ride and she is doing very well.

Major has been in adoption pending while his adopter was getting her application processed.  She was finally approved, so she came out to see him and make sure it was the perfect match.  Major was saddled up so he could show his new mom what he can do.

She really enjoyed riding him, he is a Tennessee Walker so he has a lovely gait.

Before long adoption papers were signed and Major has a new family now.

Major said “Goodbye” to everyone as his trailer headed off to his new life and his new adventures.

Braveheart, out in the pasture, was kicking up his heels in joy.  It was so nice seeing him feel good.  When he came to us he was in so much pain from his eye he would just stand around looking miserable, but now he enjoys running with the wind as fast as his legs can carry him.

Just look at him go!  He thinks he’s getting ready for the Kentucky Derby.  We haven’t had the heart to tell him that Clydesdales aren’t quite as fast a Thoroughbred.

Lots of the horses were worked with Sunday.  The sun was slipping behind the hills, which should have put an end to what was a very long and busy day…

…however, hundreds of miles away, a rescue team was saving horses at an auction.  At the end of the auction, 6 horses had been rescued and loaded into the big rescue rig.  They were headed back to the shelter.

It was quite late when the trailer door finally opened up at the shelter.  The horses looked out with wide eyed curiosity.

They all unloaded safely and walked into their quarantine holding pen.

We’re not sure if a midnight feeding is called breakfast or supper, but they enjoyed their food anyway.

We would like you to meet the new arrivals.  This is Weiss, a beautiful gelding.  He seems to be very mellow and enjoys attention.

He has a very interesting hair pattern on his neck we haven’t seen before in over 3,000 horses saved.  He has a large swirl that comes up on one side, then has a  starburst right beside it.

This is Mayan, he is a very pretty gelding.

This is a big gelding, his name is Dandee.

This girl is named Nova, she looks as if she may have had a baby that was pulled from her before she was sent to auction, we’re not sure.  She seems to be a very sweet girl.

This pretty mare is a Paso named Nooka.  We’re not sure if she is a Peruvian Paso or a Paso Fino.  It’s hard to tell in the middle of the night.  We do know she is a very pretty girl that was rescued thanks to your donations to our auction fund.

This is a mare named Nita.  She is a little stand-offish, and was really concerned about eating.  She was really hungry.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to our last auction rescue fundraiser.  Our rescue teams have visited 3 different auctions, rescuing a total 12 horses.  We can’t possibly thank you enough for your support of our life-giving work.