Shortly after the shelter opened a truck pulled in with a bunch of hens that needed to be surrendered.

We generally don’t get hens surrendered at the shelter, usually people are just looking for a place for their rooster to go.  We knew these girls would find a great home in no time.  We posted them on Facebook hoping that someone would see them and want to adopt them.

One of our board members brought their tractor to the shelter to get some much needed stuff done.  One of the things that needed to be done was the hitching post set up in front of the office.  Eventually we would like to get to get a sign behind the hitching post that says “Horse Parking Only.”

We had some potential adopters come out to look at the latest auction horses.  They came out to look at Mayan, who they really loved, and put a hold on him.  Nova had other ideas.  She really liked the people, and did everything she could to get their attention from across the fence.  Nova was soon in the round pen with the potential family doing her best to get them to fall in love with her too.  They’re going to submit their application, and hopefully soon Mayan and Nova can be home for Christmas.

The board member with the tractor continued working away to get a ditch put in behind the mare motel so it doesn’t flood this winter.

The roosters absolutely loved the fluffy new dirt, and scratched around looking for goodies to eat.

Remember the hens from earlier in the blog?  They found a wonderful home as pets!  These guys saw them on Facebook, fell in love with them, and had a beautiful place ready for them.  They called the shelter, and everything was arranged so they could come pick them up.  They hit the road, and arrived after closing time, but they are so delighted to give these hens such a good home that our staff were happy to do an after-hours adoption.

Thank you all for your support!  Have a wonderful weekend!