Over the weekend we had snow at the shelter!  There wasn’t a lot, just enough to make everything white.  If you notice, you don’t see any critters standing out in the cold.  We have a lot of inside room for critters at our shelter with all the barns and stalls, and they were making good use of it.

Sunday morning Kirsty was busy working with Joy.   She is learning to lead and is doing very well in her lessons.

Joy was introduced to the scary plastic bag.  After a bit she realized it wasn’t too scary and is learning to be calm around scary objects.

Outside the horses were laying down soaking up the sun.  As you can see, most of the snow melted right off, leaving little bits in the shadows.

In the next pen over, the horses were soaking up the sun too.

All over the shelter, horses were relaxing, enjoying the bright, warm sunshine after the storm.

Kirsty enjoyed visiting the horses as they were relaxing.

Nita was ready to be evaluated.  She got a nice grooming job before being saddled.

Nita was a good girl and saddled right up.  Kirsty didn’t have the opportunity to ride her, but this was a good first evaluation.

Nita has a brand on her left hip, it was a little hard to see what it was.

After shaving it was really clear, it’s an M with a tail.  We are still researching her information, but if anyone knows which ranch she came from please let us know.

We had one of our previous adoptees come back to the shelter.  His adopter is moving out of state and cannot keep him.

This is Heza Burnin Flame, he came to us in September of last year as a broken down Thoroughbred.  He was injured while racing, was rehabbed through it, raced again, and injured himself again.

His adopter worked very hard rehabbing him, and making him comfortable again, but he will never be a riding horse.

If anyone is interested in giving this sweet boy a great pasture pal home, please contact us.  He needs a home with lots of love to give.

Thank you all for your support!