Monday found Jason on the road to pick up a horse from Animal Control.  Animal Control had said the horse was abandoned in a trailer, but we weren’t sure what the whole story was.

When Jason arrived he got the rest of the story.  It seems someone was out trailer riding with their horse, and when they got back, this horse was abandoned in their trailer.  It’s just so sad that people abandon their horses without a concern in the world.

Jason haltered up Mika and led her to the trailer.

She was a very good girl and hopped right into the trailer.  Notice she has shoes on.  Why would someone pay a farrier $60+ to shoe their horse, and then abandon her?

While at Animal Control they were more than happy to donate all their excess livestock feed to the shelter.  It’s always so nice when they donate their extra feed to us.

Next stop was to pick up 2 horses for the Last Act of Kindness program.  We are always glad when owners take responsibility for their horses and utilize our humane end of life services when the time is right.  There is no reason to make your horse suffer on and on when their health is rapidly declining.

Before long the horses were settling in at the shelter.  It had been a big day for them. They just wanted to sit back, drink some nice clean water, eat some yummy food and relax.

The drainage ditch that was put in between the barns is working great!  It’s always nice when things work just the way you want them too after a big job.

Thank you all so much for your support, both financial and emotional.