Blind Foal Dumped at Auction Twice!

We have many volunteers who go to auctions, monitoring the activities of kill buyers in California.   Sadly, some of the times our volunteers can only be humane observers, and at one such auction last week a little horse came into the ring that was too heart wrenching to leave behind.  This is Angel’s story.

A little filly stumbled into the auction ring, looking confused and frightened.  When she walked right into an obstacle, it was obvious she was a completely blind, baby foal who was heartlessly dumped at the auction.  The auctioneer started trying to sell her off, but it was obvious the little baby was worthless to all those in the crowd.  Her price went down to $5.  Our humane observer couldn’t sit there and do nothing any longer, so they bid on her, saving her precious.

After the auction they went to pay for the baby, and with tax the total cost to save her life was $5.40.  Whoever took this baby to the auction, dumping her because she was blind, is heartless beyond belief.

Due to the last minute nature of the rescue, an immediate foster home and a trailer had to be found.  The volunteers all pulled together and soon the little blind filly, now named Angel, was heading to a foster home.

The foster home was delighted to have Angel.  They loved giving love and attention.  She loved her face being rubbed by them and would knicker softly to keep their attention.

Angel had not been dumped at an auction once, but twice.  Her rump shows the bald spot where the first auction tagged was ripped off so she could be ran through another auction.  Such cruelty is so heart breaking.  A poor blind baby, stumbling around, bashing into fencing and corrals, being beat by other horses and humans, all without being able to see or understand what was happening to her.  It  must have been so bewildering and terrifying for Angel.

Arrangements were made and soon Jason headed down to pick up Angel and bring her to our shelter.

Another foal had been rescued from another situation that was being fostered with the same family, and Angel buddied with her.  They were able to ride together so it wasn’t so scary for Angel.

It was long after dark when they finally arrived at the shelter.  Angel got out, no doubt feeling scared and bewildered again.  She was probably afraid that she was at another auction yard, where people would push, shove and beat her into another pen, and the whole scary process would start over again.  That is all she has known in her short life.

Angel and her friend were put in a nice pen, where food and water was ready and waiting for them.

For the first time in Angel’s short life, she has safety, peace and love.  We cannot imagine what would have happened to Angel if our humane observers had not been there and rescued her.

We want to ensure that little Angel never knows the horrors of abandonment again.  We want to assure her that she will always have a safe place to call home.  This Christmas season, we are asking you to become an angel for Angel, and become a monthly sponsor for her to care for her needs.  This Christmas season, please spread Angel’s story to your friends and family, and let her know that miracles really do happen by sponsoring her for $10 a month.   Every person who becomes a sponsor in the next week will get a Christmas card with Angel’s photo and story.  To become a sponsor, click here.  If you are unable to become a monthly sponsor for Angel, but would like to honor Angel with one time donation, please click here.  For the next week, anyone who donates $50 or more will receive the Christmas card with Angel’s story and photo.