First off, we would like to welcome you all to a new year, the year end statistics should be in the next blog.

This blog is to catch you up since the shelter has been closed over the holidays and the blog has not been sent out on a regular basis.

On Dec 13th, Patches was being trimmed again.  He is such a good boy and stood there gently while Susan worked on his hooves.

As you can see, his hooves are looking more like hooves now.  We hope that he will be able to get back to 100% soon!

It was decided that Patches would do best if he moved in with Susan, the bare foot trimmer, so she can work on him and keep him more comfortable.

He loaded right up in the trailer.  He was wide eyed, wondering what his next adventure would be.

On Dec 15th we had a staff party, with almost 50 people showing up, and we introduced Spunky, our new mascot, to all our staff.  They were all delighted to meet him and all got a kick out of the adorable new mascot.

On the 17th Nova and Mayan were being adopted.  They were both happy to be heading out to the trailer.

Before long they were greeted by their new mom and dad at their new home.  Mayan looked a little confused, but seeing the people were so happy, it must be a good thing.

Nova remembered that these folks were the folks that came to the shelter and gave her to awesome scratching and massage that she loved.  She knew she would be happy with them.

We had an adorable little miniature donkey named Little Dee surrendered that has a very good nature.  It was decided that he would become Angel’s companion and helper once she is out of quarantine.

On the 20th we got all of Angel’s Christmas cards ready for those that made donations and become monthly supporters of Angel.  They were all sent out, thank you each and every one that stepped up and made donations for Angel.

On the 23rd Ceecee was adopted.  Her new mom was so excited and happy to have her for Christmas.  We are happy that Ceecee has found a great home, she has been at the shelter for awhile waiting for that perfect person to come into her life.

Christmas morning the goats were delighted to be presented with a Christmas present: the Christmas tree from the staff party.  The mini’s were interested in checking it out too.

The goats got to work enjoying the Christmas tree candy.

Before long they had knocked it over and within a few hours there wasn’t anything left.  Goats love eating trees and brush!

Angel is still in quarantine, but we wanted to give her a new companion, one that wouldn’t push her around.

So we introduced Jeffry the goat to her.  She was very shy at first, and tried to figure out what kind of creature was sniffing her nose.  He didn’t smell like a horse at all.

She is really happy with her companion.  Once she is completely out of quarantine she will be able to have the little donkey as her permanent companion.

On the 30th Jason delivered Nooka to her new home.

Leon was also delivered to his new home.  What a beautiful boy!  We rescued him as a stallion from an auction, and now he is a handsome beautiful gelding living life to the fullest in his new home.

Spunky packed his suitcase and hit the road.  There were some folks heading to the hearing in New Mexico about horse slaughter, and he tagged along.

The temporary restraining order was extended so Valley Meat cannot begin slaughtering horses.  The trip was a success!  Spunky even got to meet the Attorney General’s lawyer.

On Sunday the 5th the shelter was finally opened after the busy holidays.  Kirsty was excited to be working with the horses once again.  Bella and Bonny knew that since Kirsty was back their lessons would start up again.

Before the lessons they had some nice grooming and bonding time.

Roxie and Paddy were adopted into their new home.  The family was so excited to be taking this adorable pair of horses home with them.

Maya, a pregnant mare, was adopted too.  Her adopter wanted a baby, and instead of breeding a horse, she decided to adopt a horse in need that was pregnant, and she will enjoy having the experience of raising a baby horse and giving a great home to Maya all at the same time.

Angel had a gift sent to her.  Jeffry wondered if he had a gift too, but he was told that this was just for Angel.

It’s a head bumper pad.  This way, when Angel is out walking around in new areas, she will be safe from hurting her head.  We would like to thank Cody, the blind colt, for sending up this special gift.  To visit Cody’s Facebook page, click here.

We had a family drive three hours to bring a rooster to the shelter that they were  no longer able to keep.  Our shelter is definitely becoming a shelter for roosters that have no were else to go, and they really help with the fly population.

Thank you all so much for your support!  2013 was a huge success, and we look forward to partnering with you to make 2014 a successful year of helping hundreds of horses, and other animals, too.